4 decorating ideas for your table!

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Calling loved ones for a date at home is one of the coolest things about things-that-are-simple-and-delicious-to-do. If there is one thing that is almost like a maxim for me, it is that no one who enters my house will leave hungry. And my friends know that I don’t stop until the last piece of cake is over or I realize that the bellies are all full. To live up to the cakes and juices, a table full of food is much more attractive when the decor is inviting and well organized.
Something that makes the difference in the presentation is the table runner (??). I don’t know what it’s called, but just remember those long pieces of crochet that grandma loves to put on the dinner table. Calm down, this is not the decoration tip. The principle is the same, except for some (drastic) changes. And you can do it yourself, look what a beautiful thing! Joy, from the blog Oh Joy, teaches how to make this shiny and pompous background with just paper and golden party confetti here. Good, beautiful and cheap, right?
decorated tables ickfd4 ideas
Another super cheap tip that is cute is to paint some wooden sticks, like popsicles (not used, please, people) with very colorful colors. Then just paste it on a paper base, really. Take this inspiration:
decorated tables ickfd2 ideassource: Curbly
Bowls. Everyone has cups at home, right? (if you don’t have it, borrow it from your grandmother’s cupboard – swear you will return it intact, of course! ?) Turn them upside down on the table, put some very chubby and beautiful flowers inside and, on the base, place small candles . Look how beautiful:
decorated tables ickfd3 ideassource: Events by Melody
Now a hint a bit tricky but that is very interesting in the decoration of the table. Do you know the fashion of making flower pots out of bottles? So, I’m a fan and I like it. As for Coca-Cola… I don’t like it. But I found a purpose for those packages that contain that bubbling and perverse liquid! With a little paint and maybe a meter of string, see how you can create a very nice set of vases:
decorated tables ideas ickfd1source: Deana Stuff
decorated tables ickfd5 ideasphoto: Audrey Tyler Jones
And, of course, flowers! They always add a charming and lively touch to the table. What is your favorite decoration to receive friends at home? Comment down here!

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