4 e-commerces to make your table more beautiful

4 e-commerces to make your table more beautiful

If you love to leave the table always impeccable to receive friends or just for that romantic dinner, accessories are essential! Trays, jars, cutlery, bowls, placemats… There are thousands of options for “dressing” your table.
I separated for you my 4 favorite online stores when buying these utensils!

Collector 55

Whenever I enter the site, I am delighted! In addition to beautiful pieces for the whole house, the kitchen accessories are a grace! Colorful bolws, decorated pate knives, trays with cute prints … The price is right and the pieces are of excellent quality! Surely your dining table will be much cuter!

Valentina’s house


If you like finer dishes, decorated spoons and chic accessories, this store will be your biggest find! E-commerce also has a wide variety of parts. Always with an incredible design, the accessories are very charming. Whatever your choice, I’m sure she’ll steal the show!


Color! The brand’s accessories are very fun and flashy. The prints and colors are beautiful and brighten up any environment! These pieces are great for welcoming friends for lunch on a sunny weekend, aren’t they? You can mix placemats, colorful glasses and even serve drinks and food in the super charming trays!

Urban Outfitters

This is the only gringo site on the list, but it’s not for nothing! Urban has extremely different and cute pieces! Crockery for everyday life, fun cutlery and even mini mason jars for you to serve drinks or sweets in a much cooler way. The whole site is cute – just come in and get inspired!
Did you like the suggestions?

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