4 films that nobody understood!
4 films that nobody understood

4 films that nobody understood!

Guys, let’s agree that there are some movies out there that no one can fully understand – I’ve watched several myself! At the same time that you get lost, it ends up being surprising, because they are films that do not fall into the clichés of Hollywood cinema.
I made a selection of 5 very weird films for those who, like me, like not so obvious films! Are you curious? Look that:

Donnie Darko


Picture – Chocolomo

I know that many people have heard of this film and those who have seen it know very well why he is on this list! The film’s main character is Donie, played by Jake Gyllenhaal – who in fact loves making films of this type (you’ll see him more in this selection). The film by director and screenwriter Richard Kelly brought thousands of theories that try to explain this story that mixes science and a very weird rabbit!

2001: A Space Odyssey


Photo – IMDB

Unlike the first film on the list, 2001 has an easier story to follow. But make no mistake, Stanley Kubrick’s work has several objects and scenes that seem totally disconnected. The ending also leaves us lost. But you can’t help watching this classic movie!

Goodbye to Language


Photo – Web Paper

Jean-Luc Godard’s film breaks with the usual cinematic language. The scenes are very different and do not require narrative rules. The work is from 2014 and ends up being a unique experience for those who enjoy non-conventional films.

The Duplicate Man

Picture – Hard in the City

Didn’t I say that Jake Gyllenhaal would be here again? To begin, the film is based on a short story by Saramago (which already explains the depth and strangeness of the work). A non-linear work, with bizarre spiders, full of metaphors and mysteries not revealed. The film holds you from start to finish, but it doesn’t necessarily explain something.

Have you seen any of these and understood any of these films?

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