4 instagram accounts to follow now!

4 instagram accounts to follow now!

How about taking your instagram out of sameness and coloring your timeline with illustrations, photos of delicious foods, painting and flowers?
I separated for you 4 accounts that I love and make everything more beautiful and inspiring!


Thai illustrator and graphic designer Dilok Lak has an Instagram full of colorful and fun illustrations. The mixture of humans with animal ears is present in several of the works, as well as the light pink background. You will definitely be enchanted by his work!


Dita Wistarini is from Indonesia and one of the best food photographer that I have ever seen! Her photographs are refined and “unassumingly messed up” – if you know what I mean. The composition is amazing and makes me want to do more and more delights and take better and better pictures!


Jessica Weymouth is a very organic artist. Watercolor paintings do not have strong strokes or striking colors; it’s all very natural and beautiful! Large parts of the photos are of these planets that she creates (photo 1) – the most beautiful thing, isn’t it?

@ Candypop.uk

Natasha is a blogger and photographer. Your instagram is a source of inspiration, since everything is very cute and colorful. Your lifestyle is evident in every image, be it architecture, decoration or fashion. Super feminine!
It’s past time to renew your instagram!

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