4 instas for those who love minimalist decor

4 instas for those who love minimalist decor

I don’t know about you, but I love making my Instagram feed very beautiful. In addition to my super-dear friends, I follow a number of inspirational profiles – and of course, decorative instincts are not left out.
After I returned from Iceland, I confess that I fell even more in love with the minimalist style of decor. Plenty of white and differently designed objects look amazing in home decor. To continue fueling this passion, I started following many retirement profiles in this style and decided to share it with you!

@ apartment84

Rayza Nicácio and hubby Jeff’s apartment is the most beautiful thing in the world. I saw Ray spreading the profile of the apartment on her instagram and followed on the spot! They have the greatest care in the world to choose each piece and the result is even more impeccable!
I’m a fan of the style Minimum Rayza and she managed to leave the house exactly with her face. Amazing!

@ apartment.33

The profile of Débora Alcântara’s apartment and her husband’s bomb too much! They have several incredible references and the decor follows the Nordic line that I love. Very white, wood and basic coatings. The details of the handles and some objects make the difference!

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