4 items for a natural make-up
4 items for a natural make up

4 items for a natural make-up

Are you one of those who loves to make up, but dies of laziness? Calm down, I came here to help you!
It is not necessary to spend pounds and pounds of makeup every day for you to hide that dark circles or take your face off sleep. In fact, who has the courage to do this every day? That’s why I’ve separated some very basic tricks to give a above in the visual in the most practical way!

Photo 1 – Yahoo / Photo 2 – Tumblr: I left my head in Paris

The indispensable item for this basic makeup is the liquid Paper. If your biggest discomfort is dark circles, just apply the product in the form of an inverted triangle and then spread it with a brush (if you don’t have it you can tap it lightly with your ring finger – never with the index finger because we have much more strength in it , which ends up removing the product). Another tip is to use the green concealer to hide pimples and reddened areas; pinks and red concealers help to disguise bluish circles; the yellow ones are great for hiding the most common dark circles (purple and brown) – just don’t forget to cover everything with a base afterwards.

Foto 1 – Tumblr: Para Ruiva / Foto 2 – Refinary29

Now it’s easy: just apply the mascara, The to blush it’s the lip balm. If you want to complement your makeup with other products, it’s up to you – but I guarantee that only these three work miracles!

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