4 Trends for Easter 2019

4 Trends for Easter 2019

THE Easter has arrived and with it came the news in the world of chocolate eggs! Who there is already inside what will be trend in 2019? As many of you still have no idea what is doing well out there, we created this small selection with the eggs that are on the rise ?

Egg in the pot

4 Trends for Easter 2019

Egg recipe in the pot

What do you think of the idea of ​​transforming a very chocolaty egg into a “pot” with the filling of your taste? This trend is one of the strongest this year, so take the opportunity!
For the egg to stand, just create a good chocolate base. Another way is to heat the bottom of the egg by placing it on top of a cup of hot water. To better understand how, just take a look at this video. Ah, as for the lid of the pot, cut the top of the egg very carefully. Then, just finish with a thin layer of confectionery to hide the cut.

Egg with cake filling

4 Trends for Easter 2019

Recipe of egg with filling of happily married

This novelty is not so innovative, but it is still interesting. After all, it is impossible not to love the combination of chocolate egg and cake. The filling is up to your imagination. Carrot cake with chocolate? Yes! Well married? Yes! Red Velvet? May also! Let your creativity flow and don’t be afraid to test ?

Brownie shelled egg

4 Trends for Easter 2019

Photo: @tabataromeroo

It may seem strange at first, but the chocolate egg with brownie shell has won many hearts! In addition to the candy being delicious, this is a very interesting way to surprise friends, family and, who knows, customers.
Unlike the traditional chocolate egg, the brownie dough is extremely malleable. So, just put possible cracks are easily fixed. The only secret to the success of this recipe is to hit the brownie point and carefully fill it.
NOTE: If you want to get an idea of ​​how to put the brownie dough in the egg-shaped pan, I recommend you take a look at this Alaskan Brownie recipe ?

Cutting egg

4 Trends for Easter 2019

Photo: Meta Empreendimentos

Last, but not least, the cutting egg. This invention is nothing more than a chocolate egg with a denser filling, the base being the straight part of the egg. And don’t forget: what is inside the candy cannot be too soft, as it will be cut into slices or pieces!
What is your favorite idea? Comment here!

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