4 ways to wear the bra showing up

4 ways to wear the bra showing up

Beautiful bra has to be shown! Strong colors, strips and lace are great pieces to be hidden under clothing. With this heat that you are doing here, nothing better than using and abusing them!
How about getting inspired by 4 ways to wear your bras?

Dug races


Photo 1 – Hope / Photo 2 – Flamber / Photo 3 – Modmint Store

It has already become a classic. The cool and super stripped look combines very well with well-cut tank tops and exposed bras. The strappy bra and the lace bra are the ones that best match these pieces. In addition, the look is much sexier.

Loose blouses


Photo 1 – Steal the Look / Photo 2 – Pop Sugar / Photo 3 – Camila Cunha

Relaxed! I love these loose blouses, because you can wear those bras with ringlets and make your neck look beautiful or even the most basic ones with the blouse that fits your shoulder – a charm!



Photo 1 – Carrer Girl Daily / Photo 2 – Outfit Made / Photo 3 – Feed Proxy

Sexy, sexy, sexy! The outside back already makes the look super sensual. The best way to combine is using the strappy bra – seriously, everyone is using it !!



Foto 1 – Elle / Foto 2 – Petiscos / Foto 3 – Pinterest

Do you think it’s only on a daily basis that you can wear your bra by showing up? Nothing like that! Transparent or lace shirts and blouses look amazing with matching bras. You can go clubbing, dinners and even parties!
What are you waiting for to use yours?

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