5 Adventure Sports To Do In São Paulo

5 Adventure Sports To Do In São Paulo

Adventure sports in São Paulo? WE HAVE! In the middle of the paulistano gray you will find many incredible and super fun activities to pass the time, including more extreme sports.
Since we’re here to help, I’ve selected five of the most interesting sports and activities. Just choose your favorite and plan a day for it. Call family, friends, partners … in a group it’s always cooler!


5 Adventure Sports To Do In São Paulo
Starting the tips with a special activity for those who have COURAGE! I confess that I did yellow when rappelling from the highest height, as I showed on the vlog, but it is still an experience worth having.
For those who stop at the time of jumping, like me, the team staff also offers you the activity from a lower height. I also had a little fear, but Paulo helped me and in the end it was really fun! Here in SP I recommend rappelling with Rappel SP or in Travel 88, which was the company chosen by us ?


5 Adventure Sports To Do In São Paulo
It is soooo good to feel like a child again at times – and climbing for sure ignites our spirit of fun! In addition to being an exercise, you end up spending time in a very different and funny way.
For this activity, I suggest you go with at least one company to help each other. Is it also worth having a good laugh when your partner falls or slips?
Here in São Paulo, two of the places that offer this type of service are the Stone house it’s the 90 degrees. Just choose the one that is closest to you! And if you want to see how our experience went, just watch this vlog.


5 Adventure Sports To Do In São Paulo

Photo: @saopaulocity

Yes, there are also water sports here in São Paulo! For this type of adventure, you need to go to Guarapiranga. It may be a little far for some people, but it is interesting to visit and get out of our routine a little.
Those who are interested can enter the website of Wind Club Weather to know the options, book the class and rent the equipment! It has activity for all tastes: windsurfing, stand up paddle and sailing!


5 Adventure Sports To Do In São Paulo

Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel

To enjoy a little of the green area of ​​São Paulo, how about making a buoy cross? This most different activity takes place in the Capivari-Monos Environmental Preservation Area, close to Parelheiros.
The reserve has beautiful landscapes and the practice of sports is super quiet. In addition to the buoy cross, which consists of going down the river in a buoy, you also have the option of water trekking, SUP, zip line and trail. Personnel who are interested can enter the site SelvaSP for the most complete information on each of these options ?


5 Adventure Sports To Do In São Paulo

Photo: John Silliman

I know that the trail is not one of the most adventurous activities there, but for those who are not used to it, it can be a very different walk – especially for those who do not usually walk in green areas.
THE Cantareira State Park, for example, has many options for hiking! Even for those who want to take a little more risk, it is possible to do even mountain biking there. Just be careful to go well equipped and not end up getting hurt, combined?
Which of these activities did you feel like doing? If you have practiced any of them, comment here!

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