5 Amazing Cycling Destinations

5 Amazing Cycling Destinations

The bicycle has become an increasingly common means of transport. São Paulo, for example, invested in bike lanes and, today, it even has a system of electric scooters. Although it is not yet a tradition in Brazil, other countries around the world are super known for tours with this type of vehicle.
Thinking about it, I selected five incredible destinations for those who love cycling. And, if you are a bit more sedentary, I recommend even more that you ride a bike in a different place. I promise it will be a very fun experience ?

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5 Amazing Cycling Destinations
Despite not being known worldwide for the skinny, Buenos Aires is a great place to spend hours cycling. The city is flat and the weather is almost never too extreme, you know?
Some companies offer bicycle rental, such as Buenos Aires Cycling it’s at The orange bicycle. What is new in the region is the public bicycle transport system. Rental stations are located in Buenos Aires, usually in tourist spots. Porto Madero and May Plaza are good examples of this. To be able to get yours, it is necessary to present the original passport and a copy of the page with the Migration Control stamp.


5 Amazing Cycling Destinations

Photo: Max Adulyanukosol

One of the most popular places for those who love cycling is Copenhagen. All this success is not for nothing. The city’s roads and streets have been adapted for this type of transport. Therefore, a good part of the residents use bicycles to get around.
Anyone who is not used to cycling with many people around may experience some difficulty pedaling on the tracks. Neighborhoods like Nørrebro and Nørrebrogade they are always busy!


5 Amazing Cycling Destinations
I dare say that Provence is one of the most incredible regions in France. For those who want to visit some cities in that part of France cycling, I recommend going between May and September. In addition to the pleasant weather, the places are super colorful because of the flowers. Start this adventure in Aix-en-Provence – I believe you will not regret it ?


5 Amazing Cycling Destinations
Impossible to talk about incredible destinations to cycle without mentioning Amsterdam, huh? Bicycles are already practically a symbol of the city! Going there and going back without having taken at least a little ride with the vehicle should be prohibited.
The city has more than 400 km of cycle paths, all flat and easy to circulate. If you want to know where we rent our bike and our routes, just take a look at our itinerary around Amsterdam.


5 Amazing Cycling Destinations

Photo: Robin Benzrihem

Like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, the Antwerp is a reference when it comes to urban cycling. City dwellers are also super adept at this type of transport, occupying the roads every day of the week.
Whoever is in the region just for sightseeing can easily rent a bike! Sights such as Cathedral of Our Lady it’s the Large market are easily accessible, including cycling visitors.
Do you have the energy to pedal a lot? If I left any incredible place for those who love cycling off the list, comment below!

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