5 Amazing Game Of Thrones Recording Scenarios

5 Amazing Game Of Thrones Recording Scenarios

The success of War of Thrones it is undeniable. In addition to the series being watched by thousands of people around the world, the cities where the production is recorded have entered the route of many travelers.
So, if you’re a fan, how about joining the passion for traveling with the love for the series? For people who want to play this adventure, we have selected the top five GOT locations. As they are very different countries from each other, I recommend that you choose only one to visit. If you have the opportunity, just put the others on the route ?


5 Amazing Game Of Thrones Recording Scenarios

Photo: Louis Hansel

Among the regions of Morocco most used to record Game of Thrones is Ait-Ben-Haddou. This location appeared especially in the third season of the series, serving as a backdrop for Daenerys Targaryen’s tracks.
Aït Benhaddou Ksar It was used mainly because of its fortified houses and extensive areas with sand dunes. Oh, and she has also been the setting for other productions, such as the films Gladiator and A Mummy.

northern Ireland

5 Amazing Game Of Thrones Recording Scenarios

Photo: Nick Kane

I imagine that most fans of the series are already tired of knowing that much of it was recorded on northern Ireland. But, it costs nothing to reinforce the idea. The country was the stage for the main GOT conflicts, so landscapes are more easily recognized.
Just to get an idea, the
Castle ward, for example, was used as Winterfell’s patio in several episodes. In addition to the view of Strangford Lough, the area has a style of Gothic architecture that blends perfectly with the setting of the production. Another special corner is the Calçada do Gigante, located in the village of Bushmills. There you can even visit an old distillery!


5 Amazing Game Of Thrones Recording Scenarios

Photo: Keri Melich

To record scenes in more deserted and icy parts, the Game Of Thrones production resorted to Iceland. The mountains Frostfangs were actually recorded in Höfoabrekka, for example. This region is close to Bay, also near the Katla volcano.
Vatnajökull it was also the scene of GOT, but for scenes “beyond the wall”. This area of ​​the country has one of the largest masses of ice in the region, so only go there if you really like cold destinations. Another place in Iceland that appears in production is Dimmuborgir – the camp of the savages.


5 Amazing Game Of Thrones Recording Scenarios

Photo: Sorin Cicos

Croatia has received so many visitors because of Game Of Thrones, that the residents are even getting bothered by the amount of tourists! Porto Real, for example, has as its scenario Dubrovnik. It is full of stone walls and the surroundings are mostly huge cliffs.
The Casa dos Imorttais and the Red Fortress, for example, are recorded in Torre Minceta and Fort Lovrijenac. Oh, and these are just some of the places in Croatia that were used, so it’s worth taking a longer trip around the country to see the other sights.


5 Amazing Game Of Thrones Recording Scenarios

Photo: Jana Sabeth Schultz

Last but not least, Malta! Like Northern Ireland, the region alone is a perfect setting for the recording of Game Of Thrones. The arc of Azure window, on the island of Gozo, served as a landscape for the wedding of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. After very heavy rains in the area it ended up collapsing, but it is still worth taking a walk there.
The dungeon of the Red Fortress was also recorded in this region, on the wall of
Birgu. Mdina and Rabat are two other beautiful locations that are worth at least one visit. Although not so important, the places are beautiful.
Who ever imagined that the series is recorded in so many different places? The production of Game Of Thrones is amazing, that’s why it’s so interesting to have the chance to visit places like these ?

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