5 apps for traveling while spending less

5 apps for traveling while spending less

Traveling is always an unforgettable experience. But, with the happiness of knowing a new place, payment slips appear. So that no one gets too desperate when settling the bills, we already suggested 10 apps to save on travel.
This time, the post will be specific about apps to spend less on hosting. Especially because, I imagine that many of you have doubts like this when planning trips. So here are some tips to make your life easier ?


5 apps for traveling while spending less

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One of the cheapest and different ways to travel: the Couchsurfing! This app / website works as follows: you register your profile and, once approved, just search for a host at the destination you want.
Unlike ordinary accommodation, you will not necessarily have an exclusive room or room in the house. In many cases, the host provides a bed or even a sofa for travelers. It may not be the most comfortable alternative in the world, but
hosting is free!


5 apps for traveling while spending less
Staying in hostels is no longer a novelty. Still, many people are still in doubt when making a reservation. So, we are here to tell you that you can stay without fear! In addition to being a super affordable form of accommodation, many people end up befriending other people in the same room or sharing common areas.
In Iceland, for example,

KEX it is an incredible place to rest and enjoy a good drink at the bar. Take a look at the website HostelWorld to get a sense of values ​​and accommodation options. Depending on your preference, just choose between a private or shared room. There’s no mistake ?


5 apps for traveling while spending less

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The classic Airbnb couldn’t be left out of the list, right? The site is incredible for booking good accommodation as well as for booking experiences with local residents.
In that case, you can choose to rent a room or even an entire apartment / house. For those traveling with friends, for example, just share the fare and enjoy the destination even more by spending on tours.


5 apps for traveling while spending less

Reservation not exactly an application to save a lot, but to find the hotel or hostel with the best cost benefit. Usually the website’s own search system already does this job for you. In other words, the only thing they will have to do is select which places they like best.


5 apps for traveling while spending less

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Much like Booking, the Expedia it serves to search for hotels by the region chosen by you and to rank them in the way you prefer. Basically, you can select the price range you want to spend, how many stars the hotel has, what its general rating is and other small details. It is even interesting to compare values ​​and decide where to book the hotel room!
Now, tell me what are the tips for saving on hosting that you have been using ?


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