5 Basic Utensils For Confectionery

5 Basic Utensils For Confectionery

Looking and tasting delicious cakes with incredible flavors is always great. But, for those who want to make these delights at home, some utensils are essential. We’ve already made a list of five confectionery items you can’t miss in your kitchen, and now let’s talk about five more!
It may seem silly, but using the right products and parts makes the sweets even better. That is, don’t be afraid to invest in these items ?

Food mixer

5 Basic Utensils For Confectionery

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Cute cakes, creamy toppings and meringues at the correct point they depend on a good mixer. For this reason, be sure to choose the model and brand carefully – those that are a little more expensive will last a lifetime.

In addition, the people who intend to professionalize need a planetary mixer and their respective beaters: paddle or racket, hook and globe. If you want to know the usefulness of each one, just take a look on here.


5 Basic Utensils For Confectionery

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We hear a lot about fouet, but we don’t know what it is for. This utensil is responsible for making our masses fluffy and preventing the creams from becoming cluttered. That is, perfect for mixing ingredients. We have already explained the main types of fouet here on the site, so take a look at the post to understand the difference between them.

Pastry bag and spout

5 Basic Utensils For Confectionery

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Finishing desserts is one of the most delicate steps. Because, it will define the final face of the candy. For this reason, never stop decorating the decoration so that people will have their mouth water just by looking.
THE pastry bag and spout, for example, are essential for the cakes to look beautiful. It is worth buying different types of nozzles to make even more authentic and varied decorations. THE unicorn cake, for example, is decorated with various styles of nozzle ?

Crusty bread

5 Basic Utensils For Confectionery

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THE hard bread it is already well known, but many people still don’t have this item at home. Although the spatulas have different shapes, only one solves the problem. It will be extremely useful for stirring pasta, avoiding wastage and splattering cake toppers!


5 Basic Utensils For Confectionery

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At knives they are very much associated with salty cuisine, but they are also essential for confectionery! Cutting fruit, pasta, bread and other ingredients requires a knife with a good cut. Take the opportunity to buy a more complete kit that will be used at other times.
Which of these utensils do you already have? Tell us here in the comments ?

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