5 beauty products for less than 100 reais!

5 beauty products for less than 100 reais!

Who here has never been on the beauty sites and, after searching for hours, found an incredible product at a great price? I keep doing this and of course I decided to show you 5 great products for less than R $ 100.00!

Photo – Burberry Disclosure

I tried to make a selection with kits and products that are the face of summer and holidays that are already there! Illuminator, refreshing perfume, high coverage base for the holiday season, travel brushes kit and even a Benefit lip balm – in fact, it’s my favorite in life!
Look that:

  1. Phebo Bergamot Natural Brightness Mousse Illuminator – R $ 63.00
  2. Hilfiger Woman Cheerfully Pink Female Eau de Parfum at Sephora – R $ 99.90
  3. Make B. O Boticário Color Adapt Liquid Foundation – R $ 52.19
  4. Phebo Travel Brushes Kit – R $ 98.00
  5. Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15 in Sephora- R $ 99.00

See how you can find great products with super affordable prices !?

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