5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Rome

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Rome

It is practically impossible to travel to Italy and return without having taken at least one gelato – even in the coldest months! The country’s ice creams are known for their ultra-creaminess and intense flavors, so don’t miss out on tasting at least one.
Paulo and I set aside a special space in our Rome roadmap to taste typical delicacies such as Roman pizzas and gelatos. Fortunately, we managed to fulfill this plan and today I will share with you the 5 best ice cream parlors in Rome.
First of all, one of the most curious facts that we notice is regarding the decoration of ice cream parlors / gelaterias. None of them are very concerned with the aesthetics of the store, you know? Anyway, the flavor of the ice cream makes up for all the other aspects ?

II San Crispino Ice Cream

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Rome

Photo: @sarah_dfv

The Trevi Fountain is almost never left out of tourist routes. Enjoy the walk around the region to stop by II Gelato di San Crispino. Like almost all good ice cream parlors in Rome, the place does not use any type of preservative or emulsifier in the preparation of ice cream. Therefore, the flavor and texture of the candy are super natural.
The flavors we chose were the San Crispin and lemon. This first one had a very pleasant honey taste, but I felt a little taste of egg. On the other hand, Paulo loved and failed to point out any criticism! The lemon one was also delicious, with a super creamy pastry. Fruit ice creams are often more difficult to achieve perfect creaminess, but this one was really amazing. I venture to say that it was one of the best lemon sorbets I have ever tasted in my life.
It is important to note that this gelateria does not sell cones. The reason? There are those who say that they “hinder” the flavor of ice cream… Ah, and because it is close to a tourist spot, gelato was a little more expensive.

I Caruso Ice Cream

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Rome

Photo: @yeotonghong

Serving various flavors made with seasonal products only, tasting the gelateria from Gelateria I Caruso was an amazing experience. I believe that this is even the best ice cream parlor in Rome, swear! One of the brand’s most famous gelato is Pistachio bronte, so I couldn’t help but taste it. In addition to the wonderful flavor, the ice cream mass is super light and without any ice crystals. That is, creaminess in the right measure.
Another flavor we tasted was that of Italian dessert. Like pistachio, he was incredible. The drink used in the dough has a very intense taste, but without the gelato becoming too alcoholic. We also tried the ice cream flower cream (which we used to call cream). Once again, the taste and texture were impeccable. It wasn’t our favorite at the store, but it was really delicious.

Theater Ice Cream

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Rome

Photo: @daisychaussee

Also with artisanal ice cream and seasonal ingredients, the Theater Ice Cream is one of the most talked about cities. What sets it apart from the others is the flavors, which are more different and eccentric. If you want to escape the obvious, go straight to it!
To try something new, I asked for the pear with caramel it’s from almonds. The pear one was a little too sweet and the icing point was super low. Because of that, I felt that annoying little pain in the tooth, you know? However, the almond one was surreal. There were lots of pieces of the fruit, bringing incredible crunchiness to the ice cream.
Another brand gelato we tasted was that of four chocolates. The flavor was super intense, perfect for those who love ice cream with well concentrated chocolate. Although I didn’t enjoy the pear and caramel one so much, Paulo loved it all ?

Fatamorgana Ice Cream Parlor

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Rome

Photo: @lovina_hua

AN Fatamorgana Ice Cream Parlor it is actually a gelateria chain. Even so, she is always on the lists of best ice cream parlors in Rome. The fact that the brand has several stores does not diminish the flavor and quality of gelato – on the contrary! Paulo and I decided to try the Tiramisu it’s from hazelnut.
Regarding the first one, we can even feel the pieces of cookie. The hazelnut was very smooth and with a very delicate flavor. Neither of them was very sweet, so it didn’t get very nauseating. We also find it very interesting that they produce their own handmade cones. In short: do not forget to go to at least one of the units of Fatamorgana.

Gracchi Ice Cream

5 Best Ice Cream Parlors in Rome

Photo: @nathaliamadeira

I don’t even have to repeat that ice cream is handcrafted and without over-processed ingredients, right? THE Gracchi Ice Cream introduced me to one of the best ice creams in the world: almonds toasted with orange. I can’t even describe to you how good the taste of this gelato was. Unfortunately, it is seasonal and is not always found. I hope you can prove it when you go to Rome!
The other flavor chosen was that of honey with nuts. The mixture between the two ingredients was well balanced and, even with honey, it was not extremely sweet. As for the texture: very creamy and without ice crystals.
After getting to know some of the best Rome ice cream parlors, I can tell you that Gelateria I Caruso was our favorite! Still, I recommend that you take a tour of all the others – I promise it’s worth it ?

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