5 Brazilian Destinations To Know Now!

5 Brazilian Destinations To Know Now!

I imagine that many already know the power of Brazil when it comes to Adventure tourism, right? All regions of the country have something “radical” to offer, so people with an adventurous soul don’t have to go far to have fun and feel the adrenaline rushing through their veins.
If you don’t have much idea of ​​the main destinations and what to do in each one, you can rest assured. We have chosen five of the most popular places for this type of trip and we will share what they are!

Maraú Peninsula

5 Brazilian Destinations To Know Now!

Photo: @ barra.grande

Nothing better than a beach destination to enjoy your vacation! THE Maraú Peninsula, in southeastern Bahia, is adored by people who have always dreamed of diving – even children are welcome in this activity. In addition, it is also possible to do nature trails and kayaking. Enjoy being around the region and enjoying the dozens of natural pools in the region.


5 Brazilian Destinations To Know Now!

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THE Jalapão have become an increasingly common destination, so enjoy while it still retains the more rustic essence. Located in Tocantins, the area is known mainly for dunes, waterfalls and rock formations. For these and other reasons, Jalapão is considered a paradise for those who always dreamed of doing ecotourism.
The trails there are lovely, providing good moments to disconnect from the virtual world. It’s as if you take the tours to reconnect with nature, you know? It is also possible to go rafting and abseiling in the park, but be sure to take all necessary precautions!

Veadeiros Plateau

5 Brazilian Destinations To Know Now!

Veadeiros Plateau is one of our favorite destinations in Brazil. The natural landscapes of this region are simply surreal! At each stop you are surprised by the ecosystem and the beauty of rivers, canyons and waterfalls.
To explore most trails, you will need at least three days. After setting the dates, I recommend that you read each of the
trails to decide which ones will be part of your roadmap.


5 Brazilian Destinations To Know Now!

Photo: Carpe Mundi

Less than 300 km from São Paulo, Brotas it is a super known destination when it comes to adventure tourism and ecotourism. Among the options for tours for the more adventurous are rafting trails, canoeing and even buoy-cross. For those who like waterfalls, this is also a great travel option. Best of all, any time of year is a good time to visit the place ?


5 Brazilian Destinations To Know Now!

Photo: @mturismo

We could not fail to mention beautiful on the list, isn’t it? As the name says, this region is beautiful! However, beauty is not the only attraction of the city. Places like Lagoa Misteriosa and the cave Abismo Anhumas leave anyone with their mouths open.
Although the prices charged there are a little expensive, they need this money to maintain the local nature and continue to attend to the number of tourists who visit Bonito annually.


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