5 brick environments to get inspired

5 brick environments to get inspired

The brick walls are extremely cozy! They can be in any room in the house – or in an entire loft, as well new Yorker!
The best tip is to have a well-lit environment. Large windows and indirect lighting are the best options if you decide on darker models!



Picture – Decorate me

The best option for the room is actually the brick pulled to the red. This model is the most classic and looks amazing with more modern and sophisticated pieces, creating an unusual and super harmonious mix!



Photo – Architectural house models

For bathrooms the suggestion is different. White helps to enlarge! Tiles that imitate bricks are better because they are easier and more practical to clean. As the environment is humid it is important to have good ventilation!



Photo – Casa Vanilla

Industrial kitchens are incredible. I love this type of decoration, as it mixes classic brick with metal and wood. The furniture makes all the difference in the final composition, as well as the apparent piping!

Dining room


Photo – Bruno Tarsia

For a sophisticated decoration in the dining room it is important to know how to combine. Any brick model looks amazing. In this case, the bricks painted in black give more sobriety to the environment!

Living room


Photo – Three at Home

The big windows again! In this environment it was essential to bring natural lighting to the room. I really liked it because the word for this house is coziness: irregular bricks, rustic wood and a fluffy sofa full of pillows! The curtain and the rug help to compose the room.
There are several styles for a brick wall!

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