5 Cafes You Must Know in Rio de Janeiro

5 Cafes You Must Know in Rio de Janeiro

There’s nothing better than traveling and still feeling at home while having a cup of coffee and enjoying a slice of warm bread, right? For this reason, Paulo and I have always researched different and cozy cafés for us to visit when we go to a different destination.
One of the last places we went was Rio de Janeiro and, although we have already been to the city a few times, we always end up getting to know a new corner. This time, we researched interesting places for coffee and found incredible options. Curious to know what they are? So just keep reading and write down all the tips ?

The Slow Bakery

5 Cafes You Must Know in Rio de Janeiro

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Those who follow our channel have already heard a little about The Slow Bakery. In fact, if you haven’t seen this video, just click here. The place is usually crowded, mainly because the artisan breads theirs are a success! The big difference is that the bread was inspired by the recipe of yeast, a mass created in San Francisco. It is super aerated and light, with a very homemade flavor. The atmosphere even smokes because of the new batches of bread that come out constantly.
Besides bread, there is another very special reason for you to visit this place. They sell one fudge cake delicious, and the recipe used to prepare this marvel was my creation. If you’ve always wanted to try some recipe that I make on the channel, but haven’t tried to reproduce at home, just go to The Slow Bakery!

Secret Coffee

5 Cafes You Must Know in Rio de Janeiro

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As the name says, Café Secreto is a hidden corner in Rio de Janeiro perfect for those who are looking for a little tranquility. It is located in Largo do Machado, in the southern region of the city. Even though it is small and with few tables, they have several customers, always getting busy.
Coffee for them is a serious thing, so the owner, Gabriela Ribeiro, always chooses assorted grains to please all tastes. The house uses the beans from the brand Isto é Café, a production that has existed since 1850. Ah, to accompany the drink, I recommend that you ask for a slice of the day’s cake. The desserts there tend to be highly praised and have that sweet mother’s flavor, you know?

Gabo Café

5 Cafes You Must Know in Rio de Janeiro

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Another must-see place in Rio is the Bhering Factory. She was the first to produce chocolate in Brazil and, after being closed, spent several years abandoned. As the space was huge and with a great potential to be appropriated by some other type of activity, the place was restored and today has several small companies and artists who exhibit their work.
The structure of the factory was maintained, so several environments have that rustic face that I love. One of the coolest places there is Gabo Café. It serves vegetarian dishes very simple, but full of flavor and prepared with great care. Among the menu options are quinoa burger with parsnip, gratin cheese, shiitake, alfalfa sprouts and cashew ketchup, in addition to Risotto Of Vegetables sautéed in olive oil with rosemary. Just imagining it made my mouth water!

Colombo Confectionery

5 Cafes You Must Know in Rio de Janeiro

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I know we are talking about several trendy cafes, but I could not leave out the Confeitaria Colombo. Classic and traditional, the company has existed for more than 120 years and is considered a cultural and artistic heritage of Rio de Janeiro. Knowing this place is like taking a little trip back in time and entering a space full of history.
In addition to the grandiose decor, the sweet and savory recipes used there have always been successful. The sweets and tarts are super fresh, and the a thousand sheets is one of the best sellers. Among the savory, the star of the house is usually the Shrimp Wonder.

Beach Cafe

5 Cafes You Must Know in Rio de Janeiro

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Parque Lage is one of the most visited tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to being a beautiful environment designed by English landscaper John Tyndale in 1840, the place has a delicious coffee. It is located in the central courtyard of a 19th century mansion, and the service includes breakfast, brunch and lunch.
It is the perfect tour option to be taken in the morning and to start the day with a delicious meal. Some of the menu options are the Ham Sandwich in milk bread, cornbreads stuffed with ricotta and cream cheese and, for lunch, chicken breast on corn and paprika crust, served with guacamole and roasted cherry tomatoes.
What is your favorite place to have coffee in Rio de Janeiro? Comment here if you are one of those on the list! If you have other suggestions, don’t forget to share with us ?

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