5 colors of lipsticks you need to have
5 colors of lipsticks you need to have

5 colors of lipsticks you need to have

Lipsticks are indispensable items to make makeup flawless. There are hundreds of colors and textures to make our lips different every day! As you know, I’m a fan of pink tones – I think they go great with very light skins. Even so, I love the other colors that really make up!
I decided to show you the 5 shades of lipsticks that I like the most!



Photo 1 – Vogue Spain / Photo 2 – Total Beauty / Photo 3 – Noob Post

Nude is great for everyday life. But make no mistake! There are many shades that complement a party make up, for example! When you want to highlight your eyes, nude lipstick is always a great option. In the first photo, I got a more natural tone, the color of my mouth. The second image brings a more hint of pink. In the last one, I chose a very clear and more opaque lipstick; that looks amazing on darker skins – by the way, what a wonderful make-up, isn’t it?



Photo 1 – Brit / Photo 2 -Byrdie / Photo 3 – Harper’s Bazaar US

My favorite! There are so many shades of pink that it is difficult to choose one! There are the most orange and coral, but I chose the more traditional ones when choosing photos. They combine with everything and make the look more delicate and feminine! The stronger ones, as in the third photo, make the look more impactful and powerful – almost the same effect as a red lipstick!



Photo 1 – Pop Sugar / Photo 2 – BuzzFeed / Photo 3 – Lovin Blog

Speaking of red, there was no way to stay off the list! I am an avid fan of matte tones – both open and closed tones. They are really powerful! To complement the makeup you don’t need much, just eyeliner and mascara make the perfect combo. Nobody goes unnoticed with such a vermilion!



Photo 1 – Harper’s Bazaar US / Photo 2 – All about Make / Photo 3 – Pretty Designs

The wine is also amazing! If you have a thick lip, it looks even more beautiful – look at Rihanna with this makeup on! There are shades more drawn to brown – like the one used by Camilla Belle, in the second photo – and the very reddish wines, almost blood. Again, I like the more opaque and matte lipsticks. If you prefer the brightest, be careful with the rest of your makeup, as your mouth will be the center of attention!



Foto 1 – Tudo Sobre Make / Foto 2 – Style Caster / Foto 3 – Portal Tudo Aqui

If you like a more modern and different makeup, purple is the right choice. The more open tones, as in the first photo, are the most different and difficult to combine. The more closed colors, pulled into the grape, are also incredible. The focus is, of course, on the lips! So you already know, if you want to dare, choose purple!
So, are these also your favorites?

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