5 Colors to Bet on in Summer 2019

5 Colors to Bet on in Summer 2019

I am a person very attached to colors in my looks and, despite having had a phase of the most neutral and basic productions, a vibrant color always catches my attention. After the winter season full of more sober and classic colors, I’m already looking for colorful looks in the coming months. Hot days seem to beg for more cheerful and fun compositions, right?
With the latest collections launches, we have already noticed several trends in our summer 2019 and five colors deserve to be highlighted ?


All the other shades that will be on that list have been appearing frequently in recent seasons, except lavender. Yes, this soft purple is taking over the spring / summer collections! The light and delicate color does not go unnoticed, right?


5 Colors to Bet on in Summer 2019

Photos: Kayla’s Five Things and @cocoaflowerr

You can’t deny it: yellow is the face of summer. The bright and cheerful color helps bring the simplest looks to life, but this summer the mustard hue is highlighted. The slightly more sober tone is perfect for those who are not so fond of vibrant colors. I already made a post about it here on the website, you can take a look by clicking here ?


It is not news that red has been on the rise since the fall, but instead of appearing only in accessories as it has been happening in boots and bags, red invades everything with clothing. Compositions in the style Blocking colors and vibrant monochrome are with everything!


5 Colors to Bet on in Summer 2019

Photos: Zara via Pinterest and ASOS

You can bet: the flourishing green will resurface in the coming seasons. In addition to the super striking hue, military green and moss are still on the rise – in fact, have they ever gone out of style? The pieces with these more sober tones work as true neutrals in the productions, a great alternative to the little black dress that we usually use a lot in the fall and winter.
Now, the neon look is for those who enjoy a more fashionista and modern footprint in the productions. Even though I’m still afraid, I confess I’m dying to try pieces in the tone ?


From pink to pastel: pink doesn’t seem to want to leave our closet anytime soon, see? Since 2016, when the rose quartz was chosen the color of the year by Pantone (together with blue serenity), the tone doesn’t go out of style! Next season it is clear that it appears in other shades, especially the very vibrant pink.
It is no accident that combinations with red, in the greatest style Blocking colors, they also have everything!


Spring hasn’t even arrived, but there are plenty of options for pieces to get into the heat! I made a very eclectic selection of colors and models, I hope you enjoy ?
5 Colors to Bet on in Summer 2019
1- Bianza Sweatshirt at Shop2gether – R $ 388.47
2- Shorts Skirt Tailoring by AMARO – R $ 119.90
3- Pantacourt jumpsuit by A.Brand at Farfetch – R $ 501.00
4- Harvest of Olympiah at Farfetch – R $ 275.00
5- Blazer ‘2Essential Dress at Shop2gether – R $ 302.90
6- AMARO Jogging Pants – R $ 149.90
7- Lengthened Blazer at Renner – R $ 239.90
8- Social Pants at Renner – R $ 139.90
9- Exit Bianza at Shop2gether – R $ 303.90
10- Abi Project Ball Beads Earring in the Gallerist – R $ 380.00

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