5 customizable Christmas presents
5 customizable christmas presents

5 customizable Christmas presents

In times of crisis, nothing better than giving a cheap gift. But none of the classic picture frames or little things that everyone already has, it’s time to personalize their gifts.
I selected 5 incredible ideas for you to try to make at home and give gifts to those you love. Look that:

Cell layers


Picture – Design Sponge

How about buying some super simple covers and customizing them? Glitter, contact paper (in addition to different cutouts and prints, buy a transparent paper for the finish), permanent pen … Make several versions and give it to that friend who loves to change the cover! I’m sure she’ll love to know there’s one made for you!

Super glam bowl


Picture – Kelli Murray

This idea gives a little more work, but I’m sure you will love it! You can make bowls in various ways and paint them the way you like best. This Kelli Murray project is made of paper mache and gold leaf – it looks super elegant, right?
You can find the complete project here. If it takes a lot of work, you can use the paper mache technique to finish whatever you prefer: ink, permanent pen, contact paper…

Different glasses


Photo – Nest Of Posies

You can risk your skills with glitter, hot glue and lots of creativity! If you have a relative or friend who loves plants and flowers, here is the ideal gift. In addition to buying pretty flowers, customize the vase. Buy a simple white vase and paint as you like. Gold is the face of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I would bet on that tone!

Coffee Mugs


Photo – Turning at Saci

Did someone get a secret friend of at most R $ 20.00? Everyone knows how hard it is to find a nice little gift at such low prices. Use creativity to personalize mugs. Write cute phrases or words that person uses a lot! I’m sure the recipient will feel super special.
To draw or write, you only need a permanent pen. After customizing it your way, place the porcelain mug in the oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes. Don’t forget to pick it up with the glove, because the piece will be soooo hot.

Cute sweets


Photo – Polka Dot Festas

If the party is at your house, how about making a small souvenir for the guests? Put delicious sweets, cocoa powder and various treats in jars like the one in the photo. Besides being a treat, it is delicious! I’m sure the guests will be surprised!
Did you see how many options?

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