5 destinations to rest, not carnival

5 destinations to rest, not carnival

Not everyone has that lively carnival spirit every year. If you identify with that description, I imagine you are looking for a destination to escape the hustle and bustle! After all, we have to take advantage of extended holiday to travel.
As much as practically all of Brazil has parties related to the theme, some
places are more quiet than others. Thinking about it, we made a small selection with 5 suggestions for Brazilian destinations to rest at the carnival!

Serra da Canastra

5 destinations to rest, not carnival

Photo: @johncec

There’s something better than joining travel with good food? This perfect combination can be achieved if you decide to go to Serra da Canastra. The region is known mainly for the waterfalls and the traditional cheese.
The nature part is up to the Serra da Canastra National Park, open every day from 8 am to 6 pm. As March is still a rainy season, I recommend that you rent a 4 × 4 car to be sure that you will be able to complete the journey without too many problems. As for the cheeses, some of local producers best known are Luciano Carvalho Machado, in Medeiros and Zé Mário, in São Roque.

São Miguel dos Milagres

5 destinations to rest, not carnival

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How about getting away from the hustle and bustle of carnival and still enjoying a good beach? São Miguel dos Milagres, in State, is a paradise for those who like to spend hours enjoying the sea and sunning on the sand. If you are that kind of person, don’t think twice before booking your trip there!
The beaches are paradisiacal and the sea is super calm, ideal for those who want to stroll with the kids. Among the best beaches are the Touch it’s at Tatuamunha. The more adventurous can enjoy a super fun buggy ride ?


5 destinations to rest, not carnival
If you’ve never heard of this wonderful place in Bahia, I recommend you watch the vlogs by Boipeba. The place is fascinating and still little explored by very large tourism companies, you know? The island is about 350 kilometers from Salvador. To get there, you need to take a small plane or drive to Valença and take a boat trip to the final destination.
The inns in the region are very simple, but super comfortable and perfect for those who want to spend time
off. Take the opportunity to take walks on the beaches of the region and get to know a little of the local culture. Our Boipeba script it is also full of tips for those who want to visit the place.


5 destinations to rest, not carnival

Photo: Carpe Mundi

One of the most sought after places when it comes to ecotourism is beautiful. Rivers with crystal clear waters and the colorful little fish that inhabit this blue immensity are good justifications for the name of the region. Even though it is a very tourist location, the area is very well preserved and tourism companies take the necessary care to maintain the natural beauty of the place to the maximum.
I think it is important to say that the key to making an unforgettable trip through Bonito is planning. Virtually no agency sells tours on time, so you need to book them well in advance. Therefore, do the research at least three months before the trip and leave all activities scheduled. This is even a better way to organize and know how much will be spent.

Canyons SC

5 destinations to rest, not carnival

Photo: Crazy For Travel via Morada dos Canyons

Since we’re talking about calm at the carnival, here’s a very different and great travel tip for relaxing. The hotel Canyons address, in Praia Grande (Santa Catarina), is that little corner of tranquility that everyone dreams of one day.
It is close to the Serra Geral and Aparados da Serra national parks, both known for their
canyons surreal and breathtaking landscapes. It is also possible to make balloon flights throughout the region. If you have always had this desire, it is worth knowing the destination.

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