5 Different Tours to Do in Rome
5 different tours to do in rome

5 Different Tours to Do in Rome

Even though it is a super tourist city, Pomegranate still keeps some secrets. As much as part of these places is already present in the itinerary of many people, they can still be considered “unknown” by Brazilian travelers.
As we are here to share travel tips with you, we have listed five of these very special places around the capital of Italy. Ready to explore different spaces in Rome?

Knights Square of Malta

Photo: @ andie.pontes

How about taking a peek into a keyhole and coming face to face with one of the most famous buildings in Rome? THE Knights Square of Malta it is nothing more than a lock overlooking the Vatican, more specifically for the summit of St. Peter’s Basilica.
Although it seems to be a quick walk, the queues for such a lock are usually huge. If you want to avoid busy times, try to visit the place in the morning.

Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini

Photo: @ tesssa.rae

People who love more eccentric destinations will love getting to know Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. At first, it looks like an ordinary church. But make no mistake! Her differential is in her basement, in a somewhat macabre crypt.
Whoever decides to visit this part of the church will find a closed space full of Capuchin bones, an old order of friars. The ossuary is exposed as part of the decoration, leaving the environment very morbid.

Spada Gallery

Photo: @sgraam

Another super interesting and little known space is inside the Spada Palace, a museum focused on housing great paintings and sculptures. One of the highlights of this place is in the garden, in a corridor built in 1653. Because it was designed in perspective, the Hall 9 meters appears to be actually 30 meters! The feeling is strange and unusual, so it’s worth checking out ?

Via Nicolò Piccolomini

Photo: @therealbarbugram

Another curious illusion that deserves to be experienced! When in Rome, be sure to stop by Via Nicolò Piccolomini. The street is not very famous, but it makes for a quick and fun walk.
Let’s explain quickly what happens: the further away from the dome of São Pedro, the bigger it seems. As you get closer, the size decreases and it stops looking close, staying well in the distance. This illusion only happens on this street and is a free “attraction”, so enjoy!

Villa Farnesina

Photo: @lonskaya_ekaterina

To discover a palace from the Renaissance period, just go to Villa Farnesina, In Rome. This is the second largest building in Italy, with a unique architecture and full of details!
In addition, the palace is home to one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the country. The frescoes that cover the walls and ceiling, together with decorative objects, make the space even more grand. These are places that demonstrate the richness of the Italian nobility.

Bonus: Little London

Photo: @doorsofitaly

A very different and cute corner of Rome is Little London. This small neighborhood is called that because it follows a style of architecture similar to typical London houses. Even though it is super charming and well-known, the “village” is closed to the public. That is, you will only be able to observe the houses from the outside: /
If you liked the tips and want to know even more details about them, just take a look at our video!

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