5 easy iced cake recipes to make in quarantine
5 easy iced cake recipes to make in quarantine

5 easy iced cake recipes to make in quarantine

THE Cold cake, also known for a long time as a fuzzy towel, is a birthday classic since the 80s. Anyone here from that time will certainly remember and feel their mouth water. The classic is the one with soooo much condensed milk and coconutwrapped in aluminum foil. A delight, isn’t it?
But, there are also other versions of iced cake, with fruit, chocolate and even nest milk. So, we separate the 5 best iced cake recipes in the best fluffy towel cake style for you to make at home. They are all very easy and practical, enjoy!

Traditional terry towel

Before going to the differences, of course let’s start with the traditional cake suuuuper wet with lots of coconut. After all, this sweet with coffee in the late afternoon is the perfect formula for joy, isn’t it?
Complete recipe here.
terry towel or iced cake

Pineapple with coconut

The version of pineapple with coconut it’s a variation very close to the traditional one, which, let’s combine, is almost better than the first. It’s a super creamy recipe, easy to make and we also leave it without unmolding, to be even more practical.
Complete recipe here.
Cold cake

Passion fruit

Now, a recipe with this fruit that is the passion of homemade confectionery could not be missing. It has mousse, truffle, pie… How about a version of iced cake with an incredible passion fruit syrup and what makes a difference?
Complete recipe here.

From brigadeiro

This is that recipe that does the job of bringing together two things that we love very much. A fluffy towel cake super fluffy and wet, with chocolate dough and brigadeiro filling. I venture to say that it is almost a brigadeirão.
Complete recipe here.
brigadeiro iced cake

Iced milk nest cake

Of course, the other darling of easy recipes could not be missing: nest milk. Therefore, this version, in addition to bringing all the qualities of a successful iced cake, has a layer of filling and topping with nest cream. Did you like it?
Complete recipe here.

Bonus: iced chocolate cake with coffee

This leaves a little of the logic of an iced cake with a fluffy towel, after all, it is a version with ice cream! The combination of chocolate and coffee also never disappoints, and to make it even better, nothing like cookie layers ?
Complete recipe here.

So, which childhood anniversary did you remember with that list? Enjoy, take the recipe and do what most made your mouth water ?

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