5 essential tips for hair care in summer

5 essential tips for hair care in summer

Me, and a lot of other people, aaama the summer, right? I only see joy with so many light clothes to wear, colors, beach, pool and SUN! But, as not everything is flowers, it is part of this season to take some special care to take care of hair in the summer.
5 essential tips for hair care in summer
Do you know when you get a lot of sun and, even with a sunscreen, your skin gets dry and starts to peel? For the same thing happens with your hair, which – poor thing – is exposed to the sun, sea, chlorine. All of this makes it brittle, dry and more fragile. But, calm down! There is a way for everything, check out the tips for taking care of your hair in the summer! Ah, there are tips here in another post of items that cannot be missing in the summer necessaire.

1 – A good cleaning to take care of hair in summer

The main problems are the thousands of summer interferences, such as the sun, chlorine, sand. Therefore, the best way out is to wash your hair thoroughly to keep it free from all of this. Therefore, a good shampoo is ESSENTIAL. Do I like to use one that hydrates too and enjoy the momentum?
5 essential tips for hair care in summer - Danielle Noce
I love using OGX Shampoo, Coconut Curls, which has coconut oil, honey and citrus oil. That is, the perfect combination for the summer. Another tip is to pass the shampoo twice, the first to remove the residue well and the second to get to the hair and do a deeper cleaning. After that, I use the moisturizing mask (I’ll talk about it in the topic below) and finally the Conditioner (I also use OGX’s) to seal the threads well – I use very little, more on the ends.

  • To dry, remember to use a microfiber towel or cotton shirt ?

2 – Moisturize while bathing

If you don’t moisturize your hair during the winter, it’s time to do it in the summer. If you already hydrate, it’s time to do it 3 times more this season, hehe ??
5 essential tips for hair care in summer - Danielle Noce
I use OGX’s Moisturizing Mask too, Coconut Curls Hair Butter – I love it so much! It has coconut oil, citrus oils and honey, not to mention that the smell is delicious. The tip is to start from the ends, between the strands and leave for about five minutes, between the shampoo and the conditioner. In the meantime, exfoliate your skin and take your princess bath? ‍♀

3 – Moisturize before leaving home

If you are going to the beach, swimming pool or going for a walk, moisturizing the hair and creating a protective layer beforehand is the secret to keeping your hair well protected from UV rays. For this, you can use an oil or cream leave, which forms a protective film on the wires and ensures that they are hidden from the sun, wind, salt and chlorine.
5 essential tips for hair care in summer
OGX’s Argan Oil of Morocco is my favorite of life. I soak my hair a little, put a very generous amount in my hands and spread it between the strands and voila, it’s success. For oily hair, liquids are better, creams are more suitable for drier hair.

  • The tip is to pass away from the root to prevent the scalp from getting oily?

4 – Remove the salt and chlorine in the shower

Cleaning your hair with drinking water right after swimming in the sea or pool is a very valuable tip as well. This helps to eliminate all residues – also take the opportunity to give that refreshed and / or sensualized in the shower, hehe!
5 essential tips for hair care in summer - Danielle Noce

  • If you don’t have a shower, the tip is to take a bottle of water in your bag!
  • It is also worth using Argan Oil right after washing your hair.

5- Hats and scarves are also great for hair care in summer

Here is the part I love most, protection with a lot of style and glamor! Hats, scarves and even caps are the most effective ways to prevent UV rays from burning your hair. The best part is that the accessories also protect the skin of the face and prevent us from creating those spots caused by the sun. But, of course, always use sunscreen.
5 essential tips for hair care in summer
Now in the summer the bet is to use straw hats, which super match any look and color combination. My favorite tip is to have a more basic hat and several scarves, to tie at the base of the hat and be able to vary your look with great practicality.
So, ready to make your hair beautiful and enjoy this summer? Tell me below what you do to keep your hair hydrated while growing that beautiful bronze.
There is a video on IGTV testing the products I mentioned in this text, here ?

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