5 Essential Tips To Know Before Boarding

5 Essential Tips To Know Before Boarding

Preparations before travel are always important, especially when it comes to international destinations. For the most anxious, this step starts months before. On the other hand, the people who leave everything for the last hour enter a race against time to organize everything. Which of these groups do you belong to?
Anyway, a good
travel checklist it is essential for anyone to forget anything. Some details that seem simple can avoid many obstacles, that’s why planning is so important.


5 Essential Tips To Know Before Boarding

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Having all the documents organized is the main step for everything to go smoothly. Fortunately, most travel in south america can only be done with the RG.
If you go to a different country, be sure to research the need for
passport and visa. You need to go through some bureaucratic and boring processes to get these documents, so try to get them out as soon as possible.
To those who already have these documents, check the validity of each one! Some countries ask that the passport be valid for at least six months – stay tuned.
Also take a look at the need for
vaccines. Places like one Panama City require that Brazilian tourists have a international yellow fever vaccination certificate.The ideal is to take it at least 10 days before the trip.
Another tip that makes all the difference: have a
copy of all documents. They can be printed or scanned, serving for emergencies in case bags are lost or stolen. Don’t forget to book air and accommodation reservations on paper as well.

Travel insurance

5 Essential Tips To Know Before Boarding

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Nobody thinks about getting sick or getting hurt during a walk. However, unforeseen happen and we need to be prepared for them. As much as it seems expendable, hire a good Travel insurance. They are not usually that expensive and avoid future headaches.
Several European countries demand that tourists circulating in the region have travel insurance. The document may even be required at the time of immigration! Even if the destination of your choice is not mandatory, it is worth the investment ?

Best time to go

5 Essential Tips To Know Before Boarding

Dani Noce and Paulo Cuenca in Kuna Yala

Before closing any trip, never forget to research the best time to go. Usually people are more connected in the climate, looking mainly at the extremes – summer and winter. Of course, knowing this kind of information is essential, but you have to be careful with natural phenomena, like hurricanes.
The months between June and November in the Caribbean, for example, are known to be part of the “hurricane season”. With that in mind, try to get the most out of these nature traps.
In addition, it is interesting to research the events of the time. In the case of Austin, the
South by Southwest usually happens in the first half of the year. In 2019 the event will be from March 8th to 17th. So, put in your travel checklist the possible tours according to the cultural program of the country / city!


5 Essential Tips To Know Before Boarding

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Money involves one of the most common doubts of every traveler, even those already more experienced. After all, it is better to take cash or card on international travel? Depending on the place, cash is more practical. Even so, the prepaid card, also called travel money, is a great option to avoid large debts and changes in the exchange rate. For those using the same card valid in Brazil, do not forget to notify the bank.
Another aspect involving money that needs to be considered is the cost of travel. Note the possible expenses with tickets, accommodation, tours, transport and souvenirs. It is even valid to make a spreadsheet to get a general idea and know how much money will be needed for each particular aspect of the trip.

Suitcase organization

5 Essential Tips To Know Before Boarding

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After organizing all the travel paperwork, it’s time to assemble the suitcase! It must be thought according to the time of year and the average temperature of that month. Always take one or two items that are a little bit out of the predicted climate to also be prepared.
Thermal parts and windbreakers, for example, are parts that cannot be missing in a winter suitcase. On the other hand, light clothes and dresses are basic items for a compact summer suitcase. As for cosmetics, always try to carry mini versions of the products, or those jars that can be reused. I recommend adding a special section to the travel checklist just for that part of luggage ?

More tips

In addition to the links placed throughout the text, I will leave a small list with other post suggestions to help you organize your trip!

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