5-factor diet “Nothing is forbidden”

5-factor diet "Nothing is forbidden"

The former “Biggest Loser” trainer takes a close look at the “5-factor diet” from US star trainer Harley Pasternak for Marians Welt.

Almost every female Hollywood star has lost weight with him: Whether Eva Mendes (41), Megan Fox (28) or Rihanna (27) – they all trust the fitness guru Harley Pasternak (40) from Canada.

With his “5-factor diet” it lets the pounds melt away and the muscles grow in just five weeks. It’s all about the number 5. Five meals a day, training five times a week. And you can even eat what and how much you want in one day.

Can it work? Silke Kayadelen, who was the trainer for “The Biggest Loser”, checked Pasternak’s diet for us.

You can find out what she thinks of it in the video above!

Click here for the special with all of Silke’s diet checks!

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