5 Fruits that last longer and their benefits!

5 Fruits that last longer and their benefits!

Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet is fundamental to our health, and everyone knows that. Precisely for this reason, the choice of foods that are part of our daily menu must always be thought out with great care.
Fruits, for example, play a very important role for our body, as sources of vitamins, minerals and many fibers. The problem that many people face, however, is how to store these groceries.
Because they are more delicate and natural, they end up having a shorter shelf life. You can still choose to buy
fruits that last longer – and store them correctly so that they can be preserved even longer. So, do you want to know which are the most resistant fruits on the market and at the fair? Check here!



The best way to consume apples is to enjoy everything from the fruit, from the flesh to the skin. Its fibers are good for glucose balance, in addition to retaining antioxidant properties – those that help prevent premature aging.
For apples to last even longer, ideally, they should be kept in a cool space, such as the refrigerator. Keep them separate from other fruits so they don’t ripen too fast.

5 Fruits that last longer and their benefits!

Photo: Pierpaolo Riondato



Pears are the perfect snack to kill that hunger that we feel in the morning or in the afternoon. Because it is composed of many fibers, they increase the feeling of satiety and even help to reduce the swelling of the body. This, without counting a complex of minerals and vitamin K, super important for the strengthening of bones.
The ideal is to store the pears at room temperature so that they maintain their flavor. However, if it is necessary to delay ripening, they can be stored in the refrigerator. Isn’t it just worth putting it in closed bags, combined?

5 Fruits that last longer and their benefits!

Photo: Khloe Arledge



Orange is one of the most beloved fruits in the world – whatever its variation. In fact, everyone must have heard of someone while he was having the flu about drinking a pure orange juice to give that up in health, and that is because it is one of the greatest allies of our immunity.
Rich in vitamin C and a great source of fiber, oranges are our body’s best friends. Therefore, we need at least one daily dose of the fruit in our diet.
To enjoy all the best that the fruit has to offer, it needs to be kept out of the refrigerator, in a very cool and airy place. Thus, the orange resists for a greater number of days and remains delicious.

5 Fruits that last longer and their benefits!

Photo: Bannon Morrissy



Another citrus to the list! Although seldom consumed in pieces, lemon yields delicious juices and, like orange, is a great source of vitamin C. In addition, it has a diuretic effect due to its antioxidant and detoxifying properties. That is, when you feel you need to release some toxins, bet on lemon juice.
If you want the fruit to last longer, ideally it should be kept in the refrigerator and out of bags. Thus, its maturation slows down and it remains airy ?

fruits that last longer

Photo: Sarah Gualtieri



Now, a fruit with even more varied properties to finish the list. Melons are full of good qualities, but here are the most important ones: calcium, potassium, B vitamins and vitamin A. Each of these benefits improves something in our health, from regulating kidney function to helping balance blood pressure. .
Even though it is the most delicate fruit in our selection, it lasts a few days in the refrigerator when ripe. In this case, it is important to be aware of the melon point, since it should only be placed in the refrigerator when it is already in the point.

5 Fruits that last longer and their benefits!

Photo: Oriol Portell

I hope these tips clarify a little of your doubts and help when making the purchase from the market! Remember that this is the time medium duration of these foods. As such, it may vary depending on weather and storage conditions ?

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