5 Geneva restaurants you need to know

5 Geneva restaurants you need to know

As you may have followed by the travel vlogs, Paulo and I ate in wonderful places in Switzerland. In Geneva, for example, we know great restaurants and even discover places that were not on our itinerary!
I have already told you 5 amazing places to eat fondue in Zurich, and now I will list the best restaurants in Geneva. Each has a different style, so they appeal to different types of palates. If you are on a trip, it is worth visiting at least one ?

Café du Center

5 Geneva restaurants you need to know

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The first place we met was the Café du Center. It has existed since 1933, that is, it is a very traditional place in the city. They don’t have any kind of vegetarian menu, so I ended up eating just a salad of three types of tomato – red, yellow and green – and a mushroom risotto. Although they looked like simple dishes, everything was delicious.
Those who eat meat, fish or seafood will have a much greater variety. Paulo ordered a fillet of perche, accompanied with butter sauce and French fries. The fish is typical of Lake Lemán, which is in the region. If you prefer meat, among the options are a homemade hamburger with onion, bacon and brie cheese, or a lamb stew with vegetables.

City Hall Café Restaurant

5 Geneva restaurants you need to know

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Located right in the center of Geneva, the Cafe Restaurant de l’hotel de ville is another super traditional place. For fondue lovers, the restaurant is a great option. The house fondue is made with a mixture of gruyere cheese, vacherin and wine, making the taste even more unique.
In addition to it, I also recommend the tomato tartar with buffalo mozzarella and guacamole – it was one of my choices and it was very good. Another very different option is the gratin de cardon, which is a stalk of the artichoke family. The recipe is basically a gratin with the core of that stalk!

Hotel in england

5 Geneva restaurants you need to know

Photo: Paulo Cuenca

Even if you are not staying at the Hôtel d’Angleterre hotel, you can go there for afternoon tea – in fact, the best afternoon tea of ​​your life. The menu has several options of breads and sweets, it is even difficult to choose.
One of their specialties is scones, which is a type of sweet bread with a firmer dough. The difference is the accompaniment of this scone: a double cream of gruyere cheese and raspberry coulis. What was already good gets even better ?

Coffee House

5 Geneva restaurants you need to know

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Cottage Cafe is the perfect restaurant for snacks at night. The atmosphere pleases both those who enjoy outdoor tables as well as those who prefer a more cozy and indoor space.
To accompany the snacks, they have an incredible wine list. Some of the house dishes are figs stuffed with goat cheese and pepper, and sautéed mushrooms with paprika and chillies in a spicy tomato sauce. It is very worthwhile if you want to visit a more relaxed place with friends or a large group ?

Or same

5 Geneva restaurants you need to know

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This place was one of the surprises of our trip. We had planned to go to another restaurant, but it was closed. As we walked, we found the Ou Bien Encore. It is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, which made me even more passionate about the place. Even Paulo, who does not follow this type of food, loved the food there.
One of my favorite dishes was pumpkin soup, which tasted wonderful and still came with a few sprouts on top. If you want a complete meal, they also sell great desserts, several of them gluten-free and with nothing of animal origin.
As I told you at the beginning of the post, the restaurants are very different from each other. Just choose which ones you prefer and add them to your travel itinerary. For those who want to see a little of our experience in these places, just watch the Swiss vlogs ?

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