5 Goals for 2015

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I decided to make a short list of what I want to accomplish in 2015. I hope it will be even better than this year that is almost over and that brought many joys, achievements and sweetness. Do you already have your goals?
Customize more, buy less.
There is so much new to do with old things, but sometimes we don’t even notice. Exercise creativity, that’s what is missing. I have two priorities here in my room: my wardrobe and my fan. Both have lived long enough in a model that has gone from fashion to tee time. But that will change! The goal is to sand, change handles, paint, renovate. By the end of January I intend to finish the work, then I will make a post with the before and after, okay?
colorful-fan-brightbazaarsource: Bright Bazaar
Sometimes a new little color is enough! It’s brand new. Furniture, decorative objects, clothes… What would you like to customize there in your life?
Learn how to make perfect macarons.
Yeah. I was fogging up for almost two (two! 2!) Years to try the recipe. I don’t know, I think it was so hard to read, I built a fear without even trying to make the French bug. Not to say that I didn’t accept the challenge before the year was over (and for you not to be indignant with me), I went to the kitchen, he and I, with almond flour (I swear it wasn’t oily, Dani!), Aged egg whites (understand why here) and cocoa powder. It was going to be chocolate.
We followed the complete recipe but I don’t know, we did something wrong and our COF COF “macarons” looked like the first rocks on Earth, unfortunately not cute. The feet grew, the cone didn’t break on top, but what the hell went wrong? I do not know.
We promised him and me to make a macaron recipe a month (if I do more and it goes wrong I will traumatize kkk) until it works. I have faith!
macaron-chocolat2Perfect macarons by Dani Noce. Recipe here
source: Dhey
perfect-macarons-arta-mahuna-ickfdsource: Arta Mahuna
Read more books.
This last year was complicated – CBT and everything – so I left aside a habit that has been with me since I started to put the lyrics together and understand that words are magical (end of year, I’m a poet). Okay, all right, I read college stuff and stuff, but it’s not the same as taking a book after another, falling in love with stories and having that feeling of not wanting the book to end, right? At least I can recommend what most impressed me in 2014. The name is “I Would Receive The Worst News From Your Beautiful Lips”, by Marçal Aquino, and they have even made a film with Camila Pitanga, but I haven’t watched it yet because I was taking a break for the story to take root in me. I’m like this ?
Anyway, I have a list of books to read in 2015 and for sure this list will be filled with gastronomy. Some are at the ICKFD Bookstore, take a look here.
read-more-books-boywander-ickfdsource: Boywander
Play more board games.
It may look like I’m kidding, but seriously! Lately I’m looking for games because it’s so fun to get people around the table for a few hours of laughter away from the internet, right? I played Academia, War and I’m crazy about someone with a profile. Do you have any amazing games to refer me? I’ll love it!
board-games-waterfall-ickfdsource: Waterfall
Cultivate relationships.
I learned that knowing how to listen more instead of talking is something of immense value. Mostly, I understood that we don’t always need to be right at all. It doesn’t do well. Me, you, him and her have different defects, qualities and beliefs and for everyone to live in harmony, it is necessary to respect each individuality. This, for me, is a daily exercise that requires looking in and out with compassion. Every day, I want to look at the people who live with me and thank them for being in my life, because they make a difference.
love-more-carpediem-ickfdsource: Carpediem
I tried to put my wishes for the new year into words. As I don’t like to make promises and not keep them, I think everyone there can work. I know that 365 days seems like a lot, but if we don’t pay attention and dedicate a little bit each day… Time flies. And when we see it, it’s gone. I want to be happy! Is that you?
A great New Year! Sweet Kisses,

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