5 Ideas of Decorated Braids for Carnival

5 Ideas of Decorated Braids for Carnival

Nobody deserves to spend the heat in the blocks and Carnival parties, right? That is why hairstyles are our best friends at this time and, to vary the buns and ponytails you can always invest in decorated braids!
In addition to lasting longer than those two simpler hairstyles that I mentioned, there are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to braiding: simple, fishbone, sausage, tusks, boxers… Phew, there’s something for everyone!

5 Ideas of Decorated Braids for Carnival

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You can vary the model and enjoy each day with a different hairstyle, but you can also make the braid simpler and decorate it in countless ways. Doubt? I separated 5 very simple ideas for you to test this holiday!


5 Ideas of Decorated Braids for Carnival

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This is that option for those who left the look and hairstyle for the last minute. A colorful ribbon can work miracles and make the hairstyle look like Carnival. You can mix colors and even invest in decorated and / or printed models ? Then just use your creativity, after all, the adornment matches all types of braid!


5 Ideas of Decorated Braids for Carnival

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A decorated chain or even that headband you wore a few years ago can make great adornments! I would even say you can use a necklace or a metal belt, okay? It’s the same idea as the tapes, but the effect is more glamorous!


5 Ideas of Decorated Braids for Carnival

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Look, if you have easy-to-find hair accessories, they are decorated barrettes and hairpins. Stores like The Beauty Box and even some fast fashion ones like Renner, Forever 21 and C&A always have options. The models with fake pearls are very common and can finish off your braid very well!


5 Ideas of Decorated Braids for Carnival

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And what about the flowers? Whether they are natural or artificial, we cannot deny that they are the face of Carnival! Instead of wearing the classic wreath, you can even break it down and use it in a more modern way ?


5 Ideas of Decorated Braids for Carnival

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This is the option that really makes dirt and will give you a hard time to clean. But it looks beautiful, right? Using it right at the root gives an incredible effect! For those who liked the idea, it is worth remembering that there are alternatives of biodegradable glitters that do no harm to the environment – I even made a post with 10 brands that offer this type of product.
Of course, you can make the look more assembled with a super decorated bow or other themed accessories! These were just a few ideas to make at the last minute with items that you probably already have at home. Did you like the tips?

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