5 incredible landscapes in Mallorca
5 incredible landscapes in mallorca

5 incredible landscapes in Mallorca

Breathtaking nature and breathtaking landscapes are some of the most common things in the Balearic Islands in Spain. As you may already know, Paulo and I recently visited Mallorca and Menorca and we can’t help talking about these two places here on the blog. I’ve already made a post about the best beaches in Menorca and now it’s time to talk about Mallorca.
This island is the largest and most populous in the Balearic region. The cities are relatively large, but still nature takes over – there’s no way you can take a car ride without being enchanted by the incredible views, really!

Photo – Opodo

As I love beautiful places and in Mallorca there is no shortage of options, I decided to tell you a little about the most beautiful spots on the island! Lookouts, ports, roads… I am sure that just looking at the photos you will already want to know ?

Chief of Formentor


Picture – Panoramio

If you go to Pollença, be sure to visit the Formentor region. On the way to the lighthouse you will come across many incredible viewpoints that overlook the bay. The blue Mediterranean sea, the mountains, the cliffs … Everything here is beautiful! To give you an idea, if the sky is clear, from Mirador del Mal Pas it is even possible to see the island of Menorca in the background.

Photos – Jonas Droste and @mallorcataxi (Twitter)

The Mirador Es Colomer Formentor and the Mirador de Sa Creueta are also excellent vantage points – especially in the late afternoon ? Ah, don’t forget to take a coat, because it is too windy here!

In Calobra


Picture – Morpheos

The road from Sa Calobra, or better, the carretera de Sa Calobra is one of the most different points of the whole island. The road is very winding and narrow; that’s why it is considered one of the most dangerous in the country. Despite this, the landscapes along the way are wonderful and the road ends at Playa de Tuent, which is beautiful.
Just to understand better, the road is “dead end”, but the journey from one end to the other does not take more than half an hour. Set aside a morning to walk around here, I’m sure you’ll like it!


Ma-10, Fornalutx, Balearic Islands, Spain

Photo -Kai-Uwe Fischer

The largest mountain range in Mallorca is also known as Sierra de Tramuntana. It occupies practically all the northwest of the island and some of the main cities, such as Valldemossa and Pollença, are there. Although the whole region is charming, it is worth going to some observation points. The Mirador Ses Barques, for example, has an incredible view of the port and valley of Sóller.

Puig d’Alaró


Photo – Estilo Palma Logo

At more than 800 meters above sea level, Puig d’Alaró has not only a spectacular view, but also a lot of history. It was on this mountain where Christians protected themselves for a few years from the invasions that occurred in the Middle Ages. Afterwards, the site was dominated by Muslims and the ruins of Castelo d’Alaró built there still remain standing.

Torre del Verger


Photo – Locationscout (Robert Bonsels)

One of the most famous “viewpoints” on the whole island! There is a small super-ancient observation tower here and, despite the somewhat macabre stories with spirits, it is more charming ? Access there is very quiet, as it is easy for those coming from both Isla de Dragonera and Port de Sóller – two very good locations Mallorca tourist attractions.

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