5 Incredible Places to Meet in New Zealand
5 incredible places to meet in new zealand

5 Incredible Places to Meet in New Zealand

It is nothing new to anyone that New Zealand is a charming country. The natural landscapes are of surreal beauty, even for those who do not enjoy trips connected to mountains and trails. Many people end up only knowing Auckland, but the country has much more to offer.
Paulo and I, for example, did a travel unforgettable. We went to tourist spots with incredible natural landscapes and we love to visit different places and more deserts, you know? For those who are curious to know what some of these places are, I have listed the five that we have included in our itinerary!


Photo: @kadekarini

One of New Zealand’s most beautiful regions is, without a doubt, Canterbury. It consists of plains and peaks, going from the ocean to the Alps. Two of the most visited places there are Christchurch and Aoraki Mount Cook. Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain, so it ends up attracting several tourists there. Her peaks are almost always covered with snow, leaving the scene a grace.
As for Christchurch, the place is often frequented by people who want to ride a bike – the riverfront trail is a must! Despite having suffered major damage caused by an earthquake in 2011, the city remains a must do.


Photo: @norrisniman

To discover a more peaceful place that is still not much explored by tourists, go to Wanaka. This part of New Zealand is known mainly for its super receptive locals and calm landscapes.
Another reason to get to know Wanaka is the access to Mount Aspiring National Park. This is one of the best preserved parks in the country, with an incredible trail called Routeburn Track. Who loves trails can not leave this place out of the script! Ah, the Wanaka Tree it is also a well-known point in this region, it is worth knowing ?


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Another region surrounded by mountains and with incredible walks is Queenstown. The city is on the lake Wakatipu and it is the ideal place for those who never say no to a good adventure. After all, one of the reasons this city is known is because of extreme sports.
Jet Boats, Kawarau Bungy, skydiving, trails… Options are not lacking! In winter, enjoy the city being close to ski resorts to practice the sports of the time. In addition, the cuisine of the region is super diverse and you will find everything from Asian dishes to restaurants with typical Brazilian cuisine.


Photo: @rachstewartnz

Some landscapes are so beautiful that they even seem to lie. This is the case with Fiorland! The region is full of glaciers, forests, waterfalls and fjords – that is, breathtaking natural landscapes.
THE Fiordland National Park, considered a World Heritage Site, is one of the best known parts of the region, covering several cities. If you like walking, take the Milford Track. It is so beautiful that many people consider it the best trail in the country.


Photo: @wilsonkomala

Is anyone out there passionate about wine? If the answer is yes, you can now add a destination to your Wishlist. Waitaki is still a relatively new region when it comes to wine tourism, but it is still a wonderful place for those who love drinking.
The landscapes are formed by a contrast between greenish mountain peaks and others still covered by snow, so it is really charming. 19th century architecture is another interesting reason to visit this part of New Zealand.
What did you think of the places? If you feel like knowing more about these places, you can rest assured. Soon we will share all of our experience for New Zealand on our channel.

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