5 Incredible Places to See the Sunset in New York

5 Incredible Places to See the Sunset in New York

Amid the gray New Yorker, the sunset warms the hearts of those who walk through the city. So full of news and amazing places to take photo, New York also enchants with the dusk of days with open skies. Even those who have visited York more than once can be surprised!
In addition to walking through the busiest and most famous streets, it is legal to reserve the afternoon / evening period to enjoy nature a little, transforming the landscape and coloring the sky. Thinking about it, we made a special selection with the five most amazing places to see the sunset in New York ?



Photo: @ b911bphoto

Who has heard about the Manhattanhenge? This phenomenon happens only twice during the year. Still, it is enough to gather hundreds of residents and tourists on the streets to enjoy the sunset. Basically, the sun aligns with the city streets, making it appear right in the center of buildings and houses.
It usually happens around eight at night, and this same event also occurs a few times a year when the sun rises. Now in 2019, the phenomenon will happen between May 29th and 30th and July 11th and 12th. Take the opportunity if you are there and don’t forget to wear sunglasses! Oh, and you want to know where to get the best view? Some of the ideal spots are 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd and 57th streets.

The High Line

the high line

Photo: Juan Di Nella

Among all New York parks, the High line is one of the coolest. Built on top of a deactivated train line, its decor is super different and modern – even maintaining part of the tracks. As a background landscape, the buildings so characteristic of the city!
The newest part of the place is the one with the best view of the sunset, and even the trails get an incredible golden color at dusk. I don’t even have to say that this is the kind of tour that yields wonderful photos, right?

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Photo: @newyorkloversnyl

Another place to see a beautiful sunset in New York is the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Yes, another park to the list! For people who want to get to know the famous New York Bridge, this is a great opportunity.
Take advantage of the late afternoon to walk around and watch the sun go down, even on cold winter days. If possible, take a towel to spread under the grass and get some rest. Not bad to have as scenery one of the most famous cities in the world!

Coney Island

Coney Island
Although not exactly a popular place to watch the sunset,

Coney Island it’s a great destination. The region is most visited by those who go to Luna Park. In fact, anyone who likes an amusement park cannot leave this place out of the script.
However, there is nothing to stop you from strolling on the local boardwalk and sitting on one of the numerous stools to enjoy the scenery. The beach is also very pleasant for walking and is not usually very busy!

Top of the rock

top of the rock

Photo: Ohh Couture

Even though it is a classic and obvious stopping point, the Top of the rock couldn’t be left out of the list. It is usually an alternative for those who do not want to catch huge queues at the Empire State, and the ticket price is cheaper.
The view from the top of the observatory is unforgettable, especially for those who are in the city for the first time. As much as this is a paid tour, I promise it’s worth it ?
What is your favorite place? For those who intend to travel to the city, I recommend that you take a look at the complete itinerary around New York that we offer and also in the post with general tips!

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