5 Incredible Trails to Do in Brazil

5 Incredible Trails to Do in Brazil

Trails are a great way to reconnect with nature and, as a bonus, practice physical activity. In addition, the opportunity to visit paradisiacal destinations is limited for the few who travel these paths! As much as walking for a few minutes or hours is tiring, the final reward is usually wonderful.
As an incentive to you, we selected 5 incredible trails to do in Brazil. Some are more difficult than others, but what matters is having a lot of will and energy. Ready to write down all the tips?

Veadeiros Plateau

5 Incredible Trails to Do in Brazil
Do you know that place that surprises you every day? That was my reaction when I met several beautiful corners of the Veadeiros Plateau. The trails and waterfalls in the region are charming, with surreal landscapes. Vale da Lua, for example, is one of the most different places I have ever been in my life.
After seeing so many beautiful scenery, I understood all the fame of local ecotourism. And, for the trip to be perfect, be sure to plan everything in advance. If you want to get an idea of ​​the distance from the main sights, just take a look at our script by Chapada dos Veadeiros.

Santa Catarina

5 Incredible Trails to Do in Brazil

Photo: @cantantedourado

Usually people do not usually associate Santa Catarina as a destination for hiking. However, the city is filled with wonderful paths and breathtaking views. For those who enjoy the combination of beach + trail, the city is one of the best alternatives!
One of the most famous trails there is that of Vulture Stone. Quick and easy to access, it provides a very different view of Guard of Embaú. The trail to Lagoinha do Leste, on the other hand, is a little longer. Still, it is a good option to get to know a different beach.

Cable camp

5 Incredible Trails to Do in Brazil

Photo: @micheli_fernandes

Since we are here to talk about the most incredible trails in Brazil, I could not fail to mention the Lake of Love, no Cable camp. The route to the lake is super challenging and complicated. For this reason, it is essential to take this tour with a local guide who knows the way well. The company Trails Arraial is well known for making this journey!
Even though it is a difficult journey, tourists are still interested. After all, it’s not every day that we find a
natural swimming pool virtually abandoned. For the less adventurous, I recommend the Trail to Praia do Oven ?

são Paulo

5 Incredible Trails to Do in Brazil

Photo: @amandaffortes

Who thinks that Sao Paulo there are no trails in the middle of nature you are very wrong! In fact, many of these routes are very close to the state capital. The trail of Pedra Grande de Atibaia, for example, is visited daily by dozens of people. In that case, you need to set aside at least five hours of your day to be able to complete it.
Other interesting options are the
Trail of Silence, an Trail of Historical Monuments of Caminho do Mar it’s at Bonete Beach Trail, in Ilhabela.

green Hill

5 Incredible Trails to Do in Brazil

Photo: @brunaareis

To get to know a different part of Minas Gerais, how about going to Monte Verde? The trails of Broken Stone and the da Round Stone are the best known – and I believe the most beautiful too!
In general, they are well signposted and most are easy to complete. This is the kind of tour where you feel surrounded by green all the time, you know? Take the opportunity to disconnect a little from the Internet and explore the region.
What other incredible trails in Brazil would you recommend? Be sure to share your suggestions ?

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