5 Ingredients to Harmonize with Chocolate
5 ingredients to harmonize with chocolate

5 Ingredients to Harmonize with Chocolate

Our beloved chocolate is not always alone in recipes. However, you need to know what are the best ingredients to accompany you, making the taste of the delights exceptional.
With that in mind, we selected some of the ingredients that most harmonize with chocolate. Not all are easy, but when well prepared they form desserts from another world!


cappuccino cake

Full cappuccino cake recipe

Loved by some and detested by others, it is undeniable that chocolate desserts with coffee have intense and wonderful flavors. First of all, it is necessary to know that the main characteristics of coffee are bitterness, acidity and, right at the bottom, sweetness. Thus, the darker coffee towers combine with more sweet chocolates.
Light-roasted coffees can (and should!) Complement the taste of dark chocolates. Oh, and the success of this duo is so great that it even yielded cappuccino, a drink consumed in different parts of the world. Here on the website, for example, you can find recipes like cappuccino cake and delicious chocolate souffle with coffee extract. Anyone who tests one of these recipes can tag us in a photo on instagram @daninocereceitas!


beer brownie

Photo: Broma Bakery

If you’ve ever heard someone say that beer doesn’t go with chocolate, let the person know they’re completely wrong. Combining the flavors of the beer varieties with the types of chocolate is a complex but not impossible task. In case of White chocolate, for example, it is ideal to use more fruity and slightly bitter drinks.
In the case of milk chocolate, darker coffee towers are indicated. The same goes for dark chocolate! With regard to dark chocolate, it is worth using beers with very intense flavors and a higher alcohol content. To put some of that knowledge into practice, try to reproduce this
brownie recipe at home ?


brownie with salted caramel cream

Complete brownie recipe with salted caramel cream

The combination of chocolate with fleur de sel has become increasingly common. We have already taught how to do, for example, Brownie, chocolate pie and chocolate squares – all with salted caramel.
The combination is a favorite of many people because salt has the power to highlight the taste of chocolate, making it even more delicious. Just be careful not to weigh your hand on the flower of salt, okay? The ingredient is interesting only when used in the right measure!


chocolate cake with wine

Photo: Olive & Mango

As in the case of beer, combining the flavors of wine and chocolate are challenging tasks. We already did one full post talking about harmonization of these ingredients, so now we’re just going to give you a summary.
As it does not contain cocoa mass, white chocolate goes well with white and sweet wines, balancing the flavors well. Milk is already better in harmony with red wine. As for bitter chocolates, bet on full-bodied and intense wines.


Who remembers the soap Chocolate with Pepper? In addition to the success on television, this exotic combination is also much loved in the world of confectionery. As you can imagine, this is a very intense pair and does not please everyone’s taste.
Still, it is a creative way to surprise people’s palates and encourage the creation of unique and authentic flavors.
So, what is your favorite combination?

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