5 Islands In Brazil You Need To Know

5 Islands In Brazil You Need To Know

It is nothing new for anyone that our country has a natural beauty praised all over the world! So, after sharing with you some destinations for waterfall lovers, it’s time to talk about the most incredible islands in Brazil.
We have chosen five wonderful places to share with you, including some that we have been to and loved. Some are more obvious than others, but I believe we made a very interesting selection ?

Boipeba Island

5 Islands In Brazil You Need To Know
Who accompanies us there Danielle Noce Channel know how much we love Boipeba. I have already mentioned this place in several posts – in addition to visiting the region twice. The island is ideal for those who want a very quiet corner to spend a few days relaxing.
As a bonus, you can enjoy the beaches and boat trips to get to know the surroundings of this very special place better. And, if your intention is to escape from crowded places on holidays, you can go there without fear!

Fernando de Noronha

5 Islands In Brazil You Need To Know

Photo: @sirenagolden

Whoever wants to post that neat picture on Instagram with the caption “#guide”? Jokes aside, we could not fail to mention the so famous island of Fernando de Noronha.
Even though it is a super destination visited by famous people, it is necessary to keep in mind that practically all accommodations on the island are very simple. After all, even with tourism the region needs to be preserved. As for the tours, we don’t even have to mention that the beaches are beautiful and activities like diving are practically mandatory, right?

Beautiful island

5 Islands In Brazil You Need To Know
Very close to São Paulo,

Beautiful island it is that perfect destination for any type of trip – in couples / families, with friends or even for those who are alone. Even with cloudy weather it is possible to take some walks, including getting to know the center of the city.
For people who want to visit the island in high season, I recommend that they arrive early. The ferry line on holidays is often huge, making it take hours to arrive. Oh, and regarding the tours, be sure to visit the
Ilhabela State Park it’s at Castelhanos Beach.

Abrolhos Archipelago

5 Islands In Brazil You Need To Know

Photo: @yasminxavierrr

What do you think about meeting the first Marine National Park of Brazil and also see some humpback whales strolling through the crystal clear waters of Abrolhos? The archipelago is located just south of Bahia and is a paradise for people who dream of having more contact with marine life.
To be able to see the whales and enjoy the tours, the ideal is to go between July and November. It is during these months that these sea giants appear in the region in search of shelter ?

Big Island

5 Islands In Brazil You Need To Know

Photo: @bangalopreferidonomundo

I believe that Angra dos Reis be one of the most incredible destinations in Rio de Janeiro. After all, there are more than 100 islands and dozens of beaches for people to enjoy. In case of Big Island, it is legal to spend 4 or 5 days in the region to visit different beaches, lagoons and viewpoints.
And for those who want to escape as much of the rain as possible, just avoid the summer months (from December to March). Overall, autumn is the best time to visit Ilha Grande without very cloudy days and with less movement.
Have you ever been to any of these places? Tell us about the experience ?

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