5 items that will save you on your next trip

5 items that will save you on your next trip

More than clothes and personal hygiene items, the travel bag needs to have functional and practical parts. When we talk about health and technology, care needs to be even greater, so I made a selection of accessories that are not lacking in my luggage and that can help you in your checklist ?

Universal adapter


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On international trips the item is simply essential, especially if you are staying in rented houses / apartments or hostels. In hotels it is more common to find the accessory, but it is always better to take it home.

Extension / rulers


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As you may have seen in some vlogs, we always take extensions and rules to our destination. I know that few people take as much equipment as we do, but it is very important to have these two items.
At the very least, you will need to charge your cell phone and, almost always, a camera, won’t you? If you are in a small room or with a lot of people sharing the same space, the more plugs available, the better ?

Portable charger


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We usually spend the whole day outside the hotel, so having a portable charger can save you from a lot of stress. Running out of GPS or camera can get in the way of your trip, right?

First aid kit


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This is certainly the most important item of all. Your medicines for continuous use need to be in your kit and, even taking it from home, it is essential to have a prescription on hand.
Besides them, it is always good to take band-aids, headache remedies, throat lozenges, thermometers, anti-inflammatory drugs… You never know what can happen on the trip, so it is always good to be prepared and, of course, with the travel insurance done.



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It may seem strange at first, but on the trip we made through Carretera Austral this item made all the difference. In urban centers it is more difficult to use, but the knife is very important for those who are staying in a place without infrastructure. Although useful, don’t even think about taking it in your handbag, see?

Where to buy?


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