5 kitchens with hydraulic floor tiles

5 kitchens with hydraulic floor tiles

Hydraulic tiles are great options to bring the environment to life! In addition to being colorful and charming, these pieces give a super retro look to any decoration.
You must be wondering why that name, right? Well, the hydraulic name is given because water is used in the tile manufacturing process.
It is super versatile: it can be used on both walls and floors! The pieces still create an incredible design !! You can use one of each shape and create modern environments! If you want to make an impact, choose the most geometric designs – but don’t forget to be careful when installing to make everything look the way you imagined!
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the price. As the pieces are handcrafted, the value is somewhat salty. But don’t despair! There is a substitute: vinyl adhesives. They are very similar, even more practical and at a much more affordable price!
Still not convinced to use these beauties in your home? Time to get inspired by these charming kitchens with colorful floors!

Picture – Zillow

Retro !! The floor forms flower designs and bold colors are the centerpiece of the kitchen decor! As the floor is quite striking, the best way to combine it is with neutral furniture (white, black, wood and raw).

Picture – Just The Design

This environment is already more modern and, as it is a larger space, you can play with this mixture of modernity (stainless steel) and the super vintage tile.

Picture – Centsational Girl

The integrated kitchens can have even more charm !! The tile helps to better define the space and makes this suuper micro kitchen charming and vibrant! As the space is reduced, prefer the tiles with smaller designs!

Picture – Eileenevans

A retro kitchen calls for a hydraulic tile floor! Here they opted for more neutral colors and a geometric design! As it was not very flashy, I could dare the red buttons on the stove and the black brick wall – which I am passionate about (I told you here).

Photo – Le Petit Chou Chou

More neutral, more geometric designs and plenty of space! This environment combines very well with the tiles, because it is very spacious. In addition, there is one thing I love: it integrates with the outside area of ​​the house!
So, did you like these amazing kitchens? I am in love!

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