5 Neighborhoods in São Paulo You Must Know

5 Neighborhoods in São Paulo You Must Know

São Paulo is like a box of surprises. In the most unlikely places, you will find incredible restaurants and corners full of history. From the oldest neighborhoods to the most modern ones, all have a unique and characteristic charm of the São Paulo atmosphere.
To explore this special city a little more, let’s share some of the most interesting places to spend the day or visit. If you live here, take advantage of the tips to explore the regions you don’t know yet!

Pine trees

5 Neighborhoods in São Paulo You Must Know
Despite being one of the oldest regions in the city, Pinheiros is one of the busiest neighborhoods when it comes to new restaurants and cafes. At every corner you find something different and that catches your attention.
THE Coffee Lab it’s the KOF, for example, are there and are two super charming cafes. As for the attractions, it is worth taking a stroll through the Tomie Ohtake Institute and also by Villa Lobos park. Enjoy a sunny day and spend the afternoon there ?


5 Neighborhoods in São Paulo You Must Know
Anyone who has been with us for a while knows that our office is in the Republic. So, we couldn’t stop talking about this neighborhood. Like Pinheiros, some very well known restaurants are here, like the Orpheus it’s the Z Deli.
In addition, the area is surrounded by historic buildings and old buildings. Let’s mention a few for you:
Municipal Theater of São Paulo, Copan it’s the Italy Building. Since you are going to be in the region, be sure to explore the center, also going to the Cathedral!

Vila Madalena

5 Neighborhoods in São Paulo You Must Know

Photo: @shescarolina

Another region with very cool places is Vila Madalena. For those who enjoy bars, this area is full of them. For this reason, even the nightlife is quite busy. Oh, and the same goes for restaurants!
Or famous Batman’s Alley it is also in that part of São Paulo. Therefore, be sure to ensure good photos on the various graffiti walls. And people who prefer even more cultural tours can add a visit to the Afro-Brazil Museum, to MAC and to I HAVE!


5 Neighborhoods in São Paulo You Must Know

Photo: @ ig.hud

I imagine that everyone who knows the least about São Paulo has heard about the Liberdade neighborhood. Known mainly for its strong Japanese influence – inherited from the immigrants who live in the region – Liberdade is a paradise for those who love stationery, manga and varied shops / markets.
We don’t even have to say that the neighborhood is a full plate for those who love Japanese and Asian cuisine, right? Those on duty can try several very traditional delicacies from the country ?

Bom Retiro

5 Neighborhoods in São Paulo You Must Know

Photo: @nanalavander

Bom Retiro is a region that remains outside the itinerary of many people. However, the area is just as amazing as all the others we mentioned in the post. THE People’s house, for example, is a very interesting cultural center that receives projects from various collectives and independent artists.
The Luz station and the
Room São Paulo are very close to the neighborhood, so put these two places on the route as well. You will not regret it!


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