5 Oilseed Cream Recipes To Test Now

5 Oilseed Cream Recipes To Test Now

Chestnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts… these are just some of the oilseeds that yield incredible creams and super unctuous. They can be eaten with toast and bread or even in more complex recipes, as in the case of frangipane.
For those who do not want to buy industrialized pots of these products, we will share five super easy and simple recipes
oilseeds creams ?

Hazelnut cream

The so adored Nutella can be made at home – and at a much lower cost! For the preparation of a very neat hazelnut cream, you will need a good variety of ingredients. Among them, toasted hazelnut, sugar, chocolate, hazelnut oil and so on. As much as the purchase of all these products is more expensive than the jar of nutella, the preparation will yield much more.
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hazelnut cream

Chestnut cream

Some of the main advantages of chestnut cream are in terms of texture and flavor. For being more neutral and yet consistent, it is widely used by vegetarians and vegans to replace the traditional cream. The recipe depends only on water and nuts, so I don’t want to see anyone making excuses for not preparing this delight!
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chestnut cream

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Nut Cream

How not to love nuts, right? They yield delicious desserts, like the Indian Cake and Cinnamon Rolls super wet. Oh, and the preparation of the nut cream is so simple that even an inexperienced person in the kitchen can get the recipe right ?
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nut cream

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Peanut butter

Like nutella, the peanut butter is one of the most loved by the crowd. If you are part of the group of people who love the ingredient, don’t even think twice before preparing the recipe. The difference of this cream is in the pieces of peanuts that give a very different texture!
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peanut butter

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Almond cream

Although not among the most common oilseed creams, the almond cream is delicious and yields a delicious tart. Unlike the others, it needs to be put on fire to be consumed. Still, the recipe is not at all complicated.
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What did you think of the tips? As they are all very practical recipes, anyone can try to make them at home ?

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