5 outdoor sports to practice on this vacation
5 outdoor sports to practice on this vacation

5 outdoor sports to practice on this vacation

During this holiday season it is normal to beat that boredom sometimes. It is a delight to be able to wake up late, eat junk food, watch your favorite series and go to the beach. But if your days off are too long, we end up being the same and not making the most of what this extra time has to offer.
On my list of goals for that year, I had stated that I wanted to play more outdoor sports. Unfortunately, I didn’t do everything I wanted, but I did enjoy some good bike rides in New York, for example.
I selected 5 sports that I am crazy to practice this summer!



Picture – Go Voyagin

Whether on an amazing trip to a paradise beach or close to where you live. Look for a beach nearby and throw yourself into the sea! I love water and I think I would love to try a deeper dive. If you are afraid to use cylinders and all that equipment, how about trying a snorkel tour? It’s delicious, beautiful and super refreshing!

Walking / Running


Photo – São Paulo Trails

This one has no excuse! A beautiful walk or jog can be done anywhere in the world! Nothing better than getting to know a city and its streets on foot (or by bike). You notice much more of the things around you, enjoy the day more intensely and still exercise! Another great idea for those who enjoy more adventure are the trails! In Rio de Janeiro I know that there are many wonderful beaches and I am sure that almost all the beaches too!



Picture – RIOetc

I’m a bike fan! It is an incredible means of transportation for those who live in flat, beach towns and some with bike paths. Here in São Paulo there are many places to ride a bike, such as Avenida Paulista and several parks. In addition to being healthier, you get no traffic and enjoy your walks better.



Foto – Pinterest

I always see a lot of pictures of the people doing the slackline and I’m dying to try. Despite knowing that it is difficult to balance, I’m sure it must be really fun to try with friends. A great option for those who stay at the beach house doing nothing when that summer rain falls.



Photo – Juiz Surf

Another sport a little more complex, but soooo incredible! Beach and sea calm down a lot and whoever has the opportunity to take some classes should love it! This sport is beautiful even for those who understand almost nothing and watch in the sand. I’m sure it is very worthwhile to take classes and at least stand on the board for a while.
In fact, the stand-up also looks delicious and I think it’s a little easier to practice!

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