5 pieces for different lighting

5 pieces for different lighting

Lighting changes any environment. In addition to the type of lamp, design and chandeliers, there are incredible pieces that become the focal point of any decoration. I selected 5 creative and modern pieces by designers from around the world that will light up your rooms in a completely different way!
I was crazy about those balloons! The piece calls Memory balloon and is by John Moncrieff and refers to childhood. The balloons have 3 sizes (small, medium and large) and are fixed to the ceiling. It is a very playful and fun option, great for very relaxed environments and even children’s rooms. A grace!
The piece by the Canadian designer company, Bocci. All the brand’s projects and objects are extremely thought out and elaborated. This piece, called 28, looks great both indoors and outdoors. The glass balls create a very modern look and will not go unnoticed.
This cloud / pendant is amazing! It came from a Richard Clarkson art and design lab project. Cloud is controlled by remote control and can mimic lightning. Super innovative and creative, draws a lot of attention due to the unique design. If you want to know more just access the link here.
The Huñati luminaire is part of the project For people to transform Yawanawá developed by designer Marcelo Rosenbaum, Fetish Design for Home and Studio Nada Se Leva. The lamps grouped in the net resemble a school of fish being caught. The piece was made by the Yawanawás Indians and is a completely handmade work. The result was incredible and totally different from what we are used to seeing.

The piece Crease is by French designer Simon Naouri. The mixed appearance is simple and sophisticated at the same top. It is a leather-covered cable and the rest is in porcelain. The delicate folds give the piece a delicate and soft look, which is actually rigid. You can hang it in different ways and in different rooms of the house!

Different lighting makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

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