5 places to eat in Frankfurt

5 places to eat in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the largest cities in Germany and also one of the main centers economic and cultural from Europe. The streets are busy and have several museums and restaurants. And you can’t deny that the city is charming and the food is delicious! In one of travels this year, we passed by there quickly and I already felt like returning.
We have already said that it is almost impossible to go to Frankfurt and not taste the Apfelwein. But beyond that apple wine, the city also has several incredible restaurants. We have separated a list of must-see places to eat when you are in Frankfurt am Main!

Emma Metzler

Where to eat in Frankfurt

Photo: Emma Metzler

Frankfurt is a place incredible for those who like to visit museumstherefore, the city it even has a space that unites several museums called Museumsufer. In that location is also located the Emma Metzler – a restaurant that, even for its location, seems to be part of a museum. The decor and design of the place make you feel like you’re eating in a room full of works of art.
Everyone who visits this place recommends French-German menu, which has several different dishes. And the most requested is a couscous with beets, yogurt and a mixture of herbs, nuts and spices called dukkah! If you are lucky and time collaborates, you can sit at a table in the outer space, where you will come across the garden of Museum of Applied Arts. A great tip is that if you visit the restaurant on the last Saturday of the month, you get a free entrance to the museum.

Café Maingold

Where to eat in Frankfurt

Photo: Café Maingold

That coffee shop is cute and is located on the east end of the city. The place has a delicate decoration and is a great option for those who like lighter meals like salads very complete. The menu also has soups and pasta, besides the beautiful desserts, makes you want to try everything!
It is very important to remember that the place is busy and it is recommended that you make a reservation before visiting, especially if you want a table at terrace. Whether inside the cafe or outside, the place is pretty and foods are made with a affection Special.

Seven swans

Where to eat in Frankfurt

Photo: Seven Swans

This is one of the restaurants vegetarian from Germany who won a star Michelin, which brings international relevance to the place. It’s the Seven swans stands out for going beyond the plate. For them, there is an experience during a dinner, and the best thing is that everything is vegetarian!
You can choose the seasonal menu, with the option of five or six fixed dishes, which uses only regional ingredients such as: pumpkin, apple, fennel, asparagus and leeks. It is a great choice for two people, as you have the option of choosing a more intimate dinner candle light. However, don’t forget that it is mandatory make a reservation before visiting the site.

Villa Merton

Where to eat in Frankfurt

Photo: Villa Merton

This restaurant has a purpose that goes beyond gastronomy: sustainability. Its menu is directly linked to the ideals ecological following, as they serve regional and seasonal dishes made with local ingredients. And we identify a lot with this concept. Who follows our trajectory building the farm know that our next goal is to do agroforestry. We even did a video to the channel showing how this self-sustainable house will be, check it out to see ?
THE Villa Merton is known for making dishes innovative with ingredients unusuallike catfish liver. Visiting this restaurant gives you a taste of the food of the local region. However, with the unusual and creative touch of preparing meals. Are you curious to know the peculiar flavor of the dishes?

Main Tower Restaurant

Where to eat in Frankfurt

Photo: @julia_vbs

In Main Tower you have a unique and panoramic view of Frankfurt. For that, it is recommended that the visit is made on a day without fog. Since, the weather can hinder the View, for example: rain, strong winds and even fog.
And, in addition to enjoying the scenery, you can visit the restaurant that is in 53rd floor of the skyscraper. The Main Tower Restaurant is a great option for those who want to see the city with a privileged view. Meanwhile, make a complete meal with dishes for the most varied tastes.


Apple Wine - Frankfurt
When we went to taste the Apfelwein, we visited a restaurant similar to the one in Main Tower. The idea is very similar, but the restaurant is on the first floor of the Eschenheimerk tower, also in Frankfurt. Paulo tried the drink made from apples and ate a pizza, which he nicknamed Pizza Bread in a

video no channel.
Which of these restaurants caught your attention the most? Comment here for us where you would go if you were visiting Frankfurt am Main.

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