5 places to eat tacos in Mexico

5 places to eat tacos in Mexico

Planning a trip to Mexico and not including at least one taqueria in the itinerary is a mistake you cannot make. But rest assured, because we have separated 5 incredible places to experience the famous Mexican tacos!
Spicy restaurants and options in various price ranges abound in Mexico City. So, take the opportunity to go in those that fit in your pocket. Visiting these different places will make you get to know the country even better and discover how gastronomy and culture can be closer than you think.


5 places to eat tacos in Mexico

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THE Nicos is one of the most traditional restaurants in the country, known exactly for serving classic Mexican cuisine. With more than 60 years of history, it has been awarded several times and even integrates the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America according to “The World 50 best restaurants”.
In pursuing this memory of Mexican “root” food, tacos are also an important part of the Nicos menu. The carnist, vegetarian vegan variations are well distributed and have tacos for every taste. In addition, their guacamole is surreal, and the preparation is done directly on your table and exclusively for you.
We eat a lot of totopos, the fried tortillas also known as Nachos, and we try different hot sauces. Without a doubt, the strongest pepper served in the restaurant is Chilli Habanero, one of the most used as well.
This is a perfect recommendation for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to eat delicious and intense spicy foods. It is also a perfect place to try wonderful drinks, for example, those made with fruits and Mezcal.


Mexico Tacos
And when it comes to awarding the best restaurants, Pujol is considered the best in Mexico. I already did one

full review from our experience, in which we eat their traditional tasting menu. What matters here, however, is that Pujol also has an incredible taco rotation!
The experience takes place at the counter, with 10 different tacos and some options of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There are several flavors that can fill the tortillas and vary according to the availability of the ingredients of the time of the year.
The relevance of the restaurant is one of the factors that makes the dispute for reservations very competitive. So stay tuned to schedule your visit in advance. And also plan to spend a few hours getting to know all the dishes ?

Los Cocuyos

Mexico Tacos
This street taqueria is located in the historic center of Mexico City and is also a very traditional spot. Known for their strange taco options, such as gut and kids’ tacos, they have been working for over 40 years winning over everyone for serving these curiosities.
The menu at Los Cocuyos has a wide variety of fillings, from peculiarities to healthy options. But what are really successful are the sausage, sweat, eyes, head and even brain tacos?
The names on the menu can be scary, but those who accept the challenge usually praise the flavor and spices of the place. Paulo tasted and liked the option of tripe very much, mainly praising their pepper and the crispness and flavor of the tacos.

The widow sheep

Tacos Mexico

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El Borrego Viudo is open 24 hours a day and is a Mexican classic. IS that kind of restaurant that people usually go to after a party or a party, you know? Opened about 30 years ago, today it has several options of tacos and one of the best known recommendations in Mexico.
Despite these particularities, it is important to mention that the region in which it is located is not exactly one of the safest in the city. In addition to these implications, the place has already been involved in controversies related to crimes and drug trafficking. Here is the indication, but double care for those who want to go!

Xochimilco Market

5 places to eat tacos in Mexico
Other places to eat Mexican tacos are in the city’s traditional markets. The Xochimilco Market is one of those places where you will find tacos in different ways in different stalls. Stay tuned when planning for this visit, mainly because it is a bit far from the center of Mexico City. To give you an idea, public transport takes about 1 hour and a half to get there.
In addition to the tacos, Xochimilco has several other classic Mexican cuisine. Strolling through the market, you will discover a little more about the country’s culture and get to know unique fruits and spices from there. It is very reminiscent of what we know as “Mercadão” here in Brazil and is a delicious way to get to know the country’s street food.
Which of these taquerias would you go on a trip to Mexico? Comment here and follow our vlogs on the channel ?

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