5 Places You Must Visit In Prague

5 Places You Must Visit In Prague

If you ever thought about getting to know the Czech Republic, go to Prague it’s essential. In addition to being the capital and also the largest city in the country, Prague has some very interesting peculiarities like the beer spa and the trdelník!
And for you to have an idea, the city was classified by Euromonitor International as the fifth most visited in Europe! So, all this success could not be for nothing. For us, visiting Prague was an incredible experience and I’m sure you will also love the trip if you place at least two of these 5 destinations that I have listed ❤️

Prague Castle

We already talked about the largest castle in the world in another post and, surprisingly, he is in Prague! Although it was built in the 9th century, it is still used today as the home of the President of the Czech Republic.
With 70 thousand square meters, the palace consists of galleries, houses and even the Cathedral of S. Vito, a church full of details that took some 600 years to build. That was a time-consuming renovation! And as we told in the video, the construction has so many details that it is even impossible to appreciate everything.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge began to be built in 1357 and until 1841 it was the only way to cross the city. Can you imagine relying on a single bridge to get around where you live?
To this day, this is the busiest bridge and, as you may already imagine, one of the most important in Prague. It is no longer the only way to get to the other side of the city, but it is still essential to transit through the regions. And you want to know about another bonus? She has an incredible view of the Moldova River, not to mention the surreal structure that yields incredible photos!

Hanging Man

Walking around Prague you will definitely see at least one or two sculptures of people hanging around the city. That is, do you keep an eye not only on what is happening on the streets, but also on what is above your head? THE Hanging Man it is one of these sculptures, which makes the city more colorful and generates communication between people who are passing by on the street.
The works are all from David Cerny and stay all over the city, bringing this fun proposal to the urban environment. The statue most famous of them represents the father of psychoanalysis: Sigmund Freud. The suicide scene frightens anyone who is passing on the street and does not know the statue. Because it is so realistic, many people have even called the police in awe of the situation!

John Lennon Wall

Just having the name of John Lennon you can already imagine that this is not a normal wall, right? Since the 80s, this wall has been covered by drawings and graffiti inspired by phrases from the Beatles’ songs and other phrases with political senses defending global causes.
The wall has undergone several transformations and is currently being renovated, but it is still super interesting. In addition to all the manifestations of these ideas, it can also be a colorful setting for inspirational pictures and a great place for Beatles songs played by street performers.

Astronomical Clock


Photo: @emeciii

Who has heard of astronomical clock? THE Orloj, than it is the astronomical clock of the city of Prague, it follows a medieval system (!!!) and it is divided in 3 parts: the astronomical dial, the calendar dial and the “Walk of the Apostles”. Okay, but what are these parts?
The first is the one that gives the watch its name: the
astronomical dial which serves to represent the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky and display other details of celestial items. THE calendar display represents the months and zodiacs with medallions. And the last part is called “Walk of the Apostles”, Where a show takes place every hour. At the change of each time, the figures of 12 apostles move and everyone who is nearby stops to look.
Tell us what you would do if you could only visit Prague for 1 day? More tips like these are in the video we posted on the channel. Come by to see it or watch it right here?

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