5 products for less than R $ 50.00

5 products for less than R $ 50.00


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In times of crisis we need to choose the products that are worthwhile. In the summer we don’t need to wear so much makeup and it’s better to invest in the right products. I made a selection with 5 products that cannot be missing from your bag. The best of everything? Less than R $ 50.00!

  1. CC Who Said Cream, Berenice? – R $ 47.90
  2. Nail Polish Danielle Noce by Latika Collection – R $ 20.70
  3. Maybelline Super Stay Color 24h Lipstick at Sephora – R $ 49,00
  4. Maybelline Dream Touch Blush at The Beauty Box – R $ 42.90
  5. Make B. Biphasic Makeup Remover for Eyes and Face at O ​​Boticário – R $ 39.99

More than a base or a treatment cream, CC Creme is a super basic product and great to take when traveling. I don’t recommend using it every day, but at a party at night, for example, it’s an incredible option. Besides moisturizing the skin, which is super necessary after a sunny day, the cream treats small spots and serves as a base.
Of course, nail polishes make all the difference in the summer! It’s great to take the colors you use the most for small touch-ups in the middle of the trip. Even better if you take 3, right? I really like these more vibrant colors for the summer and of course I would not fail to take my kit in partnership with Latika.
Maybelline’s long-lasting lipstick is really amazing! Ideal for those who hate to touch up in the bathroom every 5 minutes. I don’t have much patience myself. Another cool thing is that this lipstick is very thin, nothing to take up too much space.
I already told here on the blog about the different blushes and this is certainly one of my favorites. It lasts a long time, the texture is light and very smooth on the skin. I could not leave out of the selection, as it is an excellent cost benefit.
Many people forget how important makeup remover is in our daily lives. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t sleep with makeup on, but don’t think that soap alone will remove those dozens of layers of mascara or the concealer you’ve touched up all day. Make-up remover is the first step in cleaning the skin. Do not go ahead to leave that rest of makeup and put your moisturizers and night creams on top. That’s why the product can’t get out of your bag!

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