5 reasons to visit Paraty

5 reasons to visit Paraty

Do you know when a city combines different characteristics and there is no lack of reasons for you to want to visit it? I’m not talking about a big metropolis, but about Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro. The city is much more than just the stage for the Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP), see ?!

Photo – Pousada Vistamar (Disclosure)

I’m sure that after you know some reasons why this place is so loved, you’ll also want to spend a few days of your vacation (or even a weekend) there ?

historic center


Photo – My Dromomania

I love historic downtowns! Tight streets, ancient architecture, stone sidewalks… All of this comes from the colonial period, when Paraty was home to the country’s main gold export port. The city center remains very well preserved and the facades of the time are still there.
In addition to getting lost and enchanted by the charming streets, it is worth visiting the Mother Church of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, the Casa da Cultura and the Museu de Arte Sacra.



Photo – Mauricio Oliveira

Paraty is close to both Angra dos Reis (RJ) and Ubatuba (SP). You can stay in the city and take a few hours to discover the beautiful beaches of the region – Trindade is also nearby ali

Beaches and boat trips


Photo – Room 5

In summer, Praia do Sono is a practically mandatory stop in Paraty: crystal clear water and white sand. Of course, for those who are looking for peace and want to visit more “isolated” places, there are also some options.
Boat / schooner tours take tourists to beaches that do not have land access and to some islands – Ilha do Pelado is one of the most recommended!

Waterfalls and trails


Photo – Forks and Quarters

For those who enjoy nature walks, there are also good alternatives in Paraty! The Tobogã waterfall, also known as Penha, is very famous in the region. The Pedra Branca and Iriri waterfalls are also great and empty.

Nice food


Photo – Trilhamarupiara

Good restaurants, bars and cafes abound in the city! Walking through the streets of the center you will come across restaurants of the most varied styles and tastes – Banana da Terra is one of the best known and well evaluated. You will also find pizzerias, bistros and even a Thai restaurant! Options abound ?
Have you met Paraty? Tell us in the comments what you think of this charming city!

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