5 Recipes With Coffee To Make At Home!
5 recipes with coffee to make at home

5 Recipes With Coffee To Make At Home!

Talking about coffee is always controversial. There are those addicted to drinking, as well as those who don’t drink coffee at all. But if there’s one thing that unites these two tribes, it’s sweet. Even those who don’t like coffee tend to like desserts made with the ingredient, right?
With that in mind, I have listed five recipe options with coffee for you to prepare at home. Are they all wonderful and will even please the taste of the people who say they don’t like coffee?

Cappuccino cake

Chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, pastry cream and sooo much love in this incredible cake! In addition to the end result being beautiful, this dessert brings together the best of both worlds: the acidity and bitterness of coffee with the sweetness and creaminess of chocolate. Do I need to say anything else?
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Iced chocolate pie with coffee

Anyone who is a fan of frozen sweets does not need to think twice before preparing this chocolate cake / cake with coffee. The difference here is the champagne wafers that bring a more neutral flavor to balance the coffee ice cream.
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Tiramisu pavé cake

This is one of the best recipes I’ve ever prepared in my life, I swear. The creaminess of this pavé cake is surreal, not to mention the taste of coffee mixing with the buttery mascarpone. My mouth watered just to remember!
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Another absurdly creamy recipe is the chocotorta. It is perfect for those who love dulce de leche and chocolate, since the taste of coffee appears very little. For those who prefer softer desserts, this is one of the best options ?
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Oreo and nutella frappuccino

If you don’t give up drinking coffee, how about innovating and making a frappuccino? It’s super easy to make and few ingredients are needed. Try it at home and then tell me how it turned out!
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So, what is your favorite recipe among these?

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