5 rugs for a modern room

5 rugs for a modern room

Rugs have the power to bring warmth to your home. In addition, they are great decoration pieces! The right rugs can finish off your favorite room perfectly, but it can also become the highlight.
I selected 5 rooms that have the carpet as a fundamental part of the modern decor! Colors, graphics, prints… How about getting inspired?
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Picture – Valentina’s House

I really liked this more graphic rug with shades of blue, gray and cream. It adds personality, but it is not at all heavy. The white floor at the bottom also helps to expand the space. The decoration of the environment is simple and values ​​the warmth and the most basic pieces – which helps to make the decoration more modern.

Photo – Revista Casa

The graphic prints are really great for those who like a more fun touch. The neutral tones go very well with any decor; it’s super easy to find matching furniture. What I liked most about this environment was the mix with the wooden floor, which usually refers to a more traditional decor.

Photos about Casa Vogue

Pastel tones are not always pure romanticism! This very modern room came to life with the choice of this rug. The yellow, eggplant and light pink make everything more delicate. The mixture of gray tones on the carpet and sofa breaks this delicacy and, with the copper chandelier, the atmosphere is even cooler.

Foto – Blog Lovin

Once again the gray! This shade looks great in this type of decoration. The wide print is also amazing in these smaller environments.

Photo – Click Interiores

Lots of color! The environment with wooden floors and white walls took on a new look with this ultra colorful rug and the pictures on the wall (you know how much I love these comics, right?).
The rugs are great for those who want to change the decor without doing that gigantic makeover! They are cheaper options and can be exchanged whenever you want, super practical! Have you decided which one you want in your room?

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